Monday, July 30, 2012

We FINALLY Have A Winner!

Accccckkkk!!! First we have drought, and then it pours, first flooding the Majick Cauldron, and then I lose my internet access.

Worst thing to happen when you have a drawing scheduled!!

I poured out the rainwater, dried out the entries, and started over.

This morning, my darling Hubs once again reached in to draw out the winning name.

Congratulations Joyce!!  The book will soon be winging it's way to your home!  Please send me your mailing address.  And prepare the Enchanted Ones, that you will need to set aside some personal reading time. .or perhaps they would like for you to read the book to them, too. They are sure to love a story with Witches and Vampires!

I wish that I had additional copies to send to everyone that entered, and thank everyone for their interest.  I've been tossing an idea around for a book round robin type of thing, where anyone who signs up, would get a chance to read a book, and then pass it along to the next person on the list, but have yet to work out the details in my mind.

If you have any suggestions, and/or would be interested in taking part, please leave me a comment.  After I see if this would be feasible, we can work out the details!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Win A Book!

 Ok. .I'm going to wake up this tired blog with a Give Away!  My alter-ego purchased a duplicate copy when I wasn't looking, so my over-eagerness is your gain. .should your name be drawn!

I'm giving away a brand new, straight out of the box, spine never been cracked, copy of Deborah Harkness' second volume, Shadow Of Night, of her All Souls Trilogy. 

And yes, you really should read her first book, Discovery of Witches, to get the full enjoyment of the whole adventure.  ( I love the way that she weaves actual historical events together with her imagination.  It makes for a rich and beguiling tapestry!)  Copies can be found at numerous book sources, including public libraries.

So if you would like your own copy of this book, please leave your name in the comments, and it will go into the magic cauldron, with the winner to be announced on July 27th! 

Good luck to everyone!!