Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ok. .I'm going to confess...I figured out what was causing our drought, and, I hang my head in shame, because little 'ole me is to blame.

I lOVE walking in the rain. I love the sound of the drops pelting on my umbrella, or the hood of my coat. .I love how the colors of trees and branches become more saturated, and how much cozier warm lamp glows from curtained windows look against the dark gray cloudy sky. I even love the way neon store lights are reflected in puddles, and on wet streets. 

Which is why, last Spring, when I saw these eye-catching boots, ((you'll have to look at them sideways, or lay your head over to the side. .one would think that Blogger would have corrected that glitch by now!) which not only captured my attention, but my heart, I decided to further enhance my rain-walking adventures with something that would not only be practical in keeping my feet dry (plus I could jump in puddles as I saw fit), would help further brighten my spirit, while on my rain walking experience.

So, I ordered them, they were delivered in record time, and I gleefully tried them on to make sure that they fit, and then set them by the back door, ready to step into at the first rain drop. . .and no drops came. . .

All summer long, my beautiful new boots have sat there, untouched except by the couple of spiders who have excellent taste, tried to call them home. I convinced them that they would be much happier outside among my herbs and flowers.

So, a little over a week ago, while cleaning the back porch, I decided, with a sad sigh, to relegate my boots to the back of my closet. .and. . you guessed it. .the next day, it started to rain. .and it wasn't in the forecast!

Now, I'm not ordinarily a superstitious person, but we need the rain SO badly, I didn't want to take the chance of having it stop, so I kept my boots tucked away in the dark.   After several days of straight rain, I decided that they were going to get a workout, and brought them out. .and you guessed it again. .it quit raining.

So back into the closet they went.  We've had passing storms and rain every day since.  No day long soaking rains, but every day, some is in the forecast.

Coincidence? Or not?  You draw your own conclusions. .Now that I've confessed my story, I'm staying mute on the subject, except to say that I still love my boots. .and do hope to be able to wear them while walking in the rain someday!

Hoping that your day is everything that you want it to be!


  1. Well, Dorothy had her magic ruby slippers and clearly you have magic funky rain boots. Use your power wisely!

  2. Please send me those boots right away!
    Everything is brown here and my water bill is through the roof trying to keep my plants alive!

  3. We were experiencing serious drought until a couple weeks ago. Now were getting rain 1 time a week or every week in a half so things are getting better. I hope you all get more rain up there soon!

  4. Same here in our place. I guess that was not a Coincidence but actually a cause of nature. So no worries. I also love your boots. That's colorful and yes I must say that you are really going to enjoy the rain.

  5. haha such pretty boots! hope you've used them much more since! :)


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