Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Word For Wednesday


To me, this is such a lyrical, but illusive, diaphanous word, I found it very difficult to find an image to visually express it satisfactorily, (the one that I posted, only touches on the illusion) which leads me to realize that it is more a word which comes to mind from a feeling, not a visual cue.

What does "enchanting" mean to you?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Word For Wednesday - A Day Late!

Yesterday, Blogger wouldn't let me add photos, but this is one of those words that makes me feel SO good, I couldn't let another week pass to share it. Besides, yesterday, the word fit perfectly, as it does today too!

The Word for this Wednesday is. . . Blustery!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Paperback Pass-Along!

Yes, that is another term for a Give-Away, but I want everyone to know that these are not new books, but very gently used ones.  I don't intentionally bend corners of the pages, nor write in them.  Admittedly, you might find a cookie crumb in the seam of a page once in a great while, but indulge me, please. I am often in situations where I can't leave to go get something to eat!

When one spends lots of time in the waiting rooms of medical facilities, such as I've done in the past 13+ years, you go through a lot of books. I've always been an avid reader anyway, but long hours between appointments lends itself to more devout attention to the printed word.  I always take some needlework or puzzle book along too, but oftentimes, the lighting is too poor, so again, I return to my book, and pay for the eye strain later.

My addiction is happily fed by the Barnes & Noble that is a mere sky walk away from the main clinic.  It is actually an old movie theater. They kept the marque, the architectural features, and the awesome domed ceiling that is painted a deep blue, with tiny tiny lights sparkled all over it, like stars. An escalator takes you between floors, and yes, they have the coffee corner too. Suffice to say that I have spent many delightful hours browsing the aisles. And then lugging a too heavy book bag with me afterward, to prove it! (my friend Dennis, who now lives in California, used to work there. I like to think that we crossed paths at some point.)

For years now, I've been captured by, among others, the cozy mystery genre. What is a cozy mystery you ask?  For lack of a better term, it is a "gentle mystery".  

The heroine (and yes, it is usually, but not always, a woman) is usually self-sufficient, or headed that way, and accomplished in some other line of work than being a detective. The crime or murder always seems to land in her lap, either making her a suspect, or someone close to her is in danger, and she takes it upon herself to prove who has done the dastardly deed.

The setting is always an important element in these stories, making the town, the area, her shop, etc. a place that you would love to visit, or live. .provided you are either her very best friend, or a treasured employee. . .the fringe characters have a way of turning up as a victim.

If you are her best friend, be prepared to dress in artsy, adventurous clothing, with a flare for color, and just a tad on the wacky side. You are clever and smart, but not quite as level headed as our heroine.

Our heroine also seems to have an inside scoop to the goings-on of the local police department. It can be a boyfriend, a husband, a best friend, or sometimes it even takes on an adversarial role, when the police don't appreciate her nosiness, but grudgingly admit that she has a talent for ferreting out clues, suspects, and of course, the murderer.

There is very little actual descriptive violence, sex scenes, or objectionable language, although I've been reading that some of the newer books coming out are getting a little racier due to publishers desires to draw in a larger following.  I truly hope not.  These books are easy reading. .relaxing without having to think too much, but with enough twists and turns to keep you coming back to find out what happens.  Oftentimes, the storyline is injected with humor, and lots of side story interaction between characters, that fleshes them out.  And, a lot of the stories include recipes, needlework patterns, antiquing hints, etc. that fit in with the theme of the story.  Hence, the name, "cozy mystery".

So now back to my problem. .I've got SO many volumes now, I've run out of shelf space. Sometimes, if I finish a book right at the clinic, I'll leave if for someone else to enjoy, but most often I bring it home with me. Hence, my towers of books!  It is time to start sorting through them, and sharing them with others.

Some books are so popular, the author turns them into a series, with some of the long running ones now up into the 20's. .but for my first Pass-along, I've chosen 5 books that are first of a series, either being introduced last year, or this, so that if you like them, it won't take any time at all, to catch up with the books that are published.

In one, a woman is opening an embroidery shop, another, the main character is a glass blower. In the third, the heroine is left with a deteriorating building that houses an Artisan's Alley, the 4th, our intrepid girl is left her uncle's antique shop, plus she has two cats with some special talents (a touch of the magical in this one!) And the last one finds our plucky heroine inheriting a Victorian home, complete with a gruff, but helpful ghost from the 1870's. (a touch of the paranormal). 

If you would like these books (all 5!), please leave a comment on this post.  I've been having problems leaving comments on other people's blogs, so if you can't get through, then send me an e-mail, and I'll add your name to my list.

I will draw the name on June 30th, so that you will have some neat Summer reading available!

And if you would like to read more about Cozy Mysteries, here is one of many blogs on the topic. .The Cozy Mystery List Blog.  They also have a website that is linked, where you can find lists of books and authors, plus other treats.

Wishing you good luck! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mrs. B Needs Your Vote!

I'm sure that if you are a follower of her blog, you are already familiar with the voting for Blogs of Faith, that is being held on the Circle of Mom's site.

Mrs. B, author of her Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom is currently in first place, but the voting is close, and the polls close tonight!  So please either click on the link to her blog, above, and click on the button on her post, or go to this site, and vote for her.

Anyone who has even marginally followed her blog knows that she is worthy of winning top place!

Thanks so much for taking the time to vote for her!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Forget Everything Else!

I feel SO behind. .SO out of the loop!  How could I not know that today is National Donut Day??!!  I can understand me not having it written in big red block letters on my calendar, but my inner most instincts should have alerted me, bright and early this morning! 

Perhaps that is what woke me up at 4 a.m., and I blamed the cat jumping up on my stomach. (sorry Magick!) I ignored that Siren Call! Shame on me!

But isn't not too late! Both Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts are giving away free donuts today, as are many independent bakeries.

So be sure to honor the American Way, and eat a donut today! (you can exercise later!)