Saturday, April 9, 2011

Upstairs /Downstairs

Whom else is looking forward to the Upstairs~ Downstairs miniseries starting tomorrow night on Masterpiece Theatre?

I adored the original series, shown on PBS back in the 70's, and never missed an episode. My darling Hubs bought me the whole set on DVD, some years ago. He had never seen the program before, so we enjoyed watching it together, and I periodically watch a few episodes at a time, while doing my ironing. (yes, I love to iron!)

And now they are fast forwarding in time, to new residents, both above and below the stairs. .except for one. .Jean Marsh is back as Rose! I think that it is especially fitting, since she was one of the originators of the series in the first place.  Please click on the link above, to read the synopsis, and see a short clip. It looks to be a real visual treat, like all Masterpiece programs are known for.

I'll be seeing you tomorrow night, at 165 Eaton Place! Don't be late!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

We Have A Winner & A Heartfelt Thank You!

First, I would like to again, than everyone from the bottom of my heart for your hugs, and thoughts of condolence over the loss of our beloved Merlin.  Even though I knew, and still feel that we made the right decision in not letting him linger, knowing that his body was losing the battle, it is still hard to say goodbye.

A part of me will always miss him, and I'll always love him, just as I miss and love all of my other fur babies who have been a part of my life. That is just the way that I am.

But the rest of me is easing back into the chaos of life that has been moving along while my life stood still for a bit. .and to that purpose, we have had a drawing this morning, for my little give away!

Hubs is still sleeping (he has his own health issues that his body is battling, and needs more sleep), and the fur babies are still snoozing as well. .they are just plain lazy!

So not having anyone to help me draw a name the old fashioned, personal, romantic way, I had to resort to the cold calculations of the number generator.

In gathering all of your responses to my drawing, my heart became a little heavy, truly wanting to have enough of this prize for each and every one of you! I feel badly that I don't, but am consoling myself with the thought that I'll continue to have more drawings periodically. .this has been fun!  And I do thank you all for entering!!!

So without further ado, would Cindi, please send me your mailing address, so that I can get your prize into the mail!  Congratulations!! I do hope that you enjoy it!

Hugs and thank you's to everyone!!