Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh! My! Stars!

I'm usually a pretty upbeat person, but events of late have stripped me of much humor, and have felt myself dragging as a result. .but thanks to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (and I didn't even eat any!. . .yet), I've laughed so much, I've got tears in my eyes, and am now coming up with multitudes of scenarios. .can you imagine. . 

"Price check on Ben & Jerry's. . . . ", or asking a store clerk, "Do you carry Ben & Jerry's. . . . " 

If you've never seen the classic Schweddy Balls sketch on Saturday Night Live, then you can see it here, on the Ben & Jerry's website. And if you have seen it, go watch it again. .everyone needs to laugh. 

It seems almost secondary that the ice cream actually sounds very yummy! I'm sure that more than one carton is going to be saved after the last scoop of ice cream has emptied the container.

I'm also sure that there are going to be some that are offended by the "flavor", and I'm hoping that I haven't upset anyone here by posting this, but truly, I can think of dozens of things that are of a more serious nature to worry about, and this true levity should be received in a light hearted manner.

So everyone grab their favorite ice cream spoon. . you know the one, with the long, long handle to be able to easily reach the bottom of the carton, and raise them in unison to Ben & Jerry's! 



  1. I agree totally funny! And I am sure very yummy! Ben & Jerry also have a great Halloween page on their site too. Have you seen it. My boys love it spooky interactive and a graveyard of past flavors.:)

  2. I think you deserve to have two! Two Schweddy Balls! Ha ha ha ha! Why do I sound like the Count from Sesame Street?

  3. Haha! I can't believe this is an ice cream flavor! That SNL skit is one of my favorites. :) I don't think anyone could possibly be offended by this, and I don't want to meet anyone who's that uptight!

    I read the above comment and now I'm excited to check out the Halloween section of their site!

  4. Ha! Thanks I needed that!
    mmmmm, now I want some Schweddy Balls!

  5. Thanks for the giggles...I needed that today!

  6. When I first saw this online the other day, I thought it was a joke! I cannot BELIEVE they are producing this ice cream! HILARIOUS!

  7. I had to take a double take when i saw it the first time hubby works for a supermarket..but they havent gotten it in yet..of course i will try it lol....LOVE LOVE LOVE your halloween decorations already...i could do that year round !

  8. I love Halloween and I love your blog! Very original. And, I have to add that I am a fellow Ben & Jerry's lover. :o)


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