Monday, August 1, 2011

Foggy Days Of August

If you live in a "four season" part of the country, then take note of the days in August, when your area has fog. .it doesn't matter if it is morning, noon, or night.

The foggy days of August will tell you how many snow storms to prepare for, during the coming winter months!  Start marking those calendars to see if this bit of weatherlore is accurate!

(No dog was snowbound inside this house! It is left over from the days when my younger daughter still lived here. She bought it to use as a shelter for feral cats, before we built our garage. Now they prefer the heated beds and water bowls that I set up inside that much warmer and drier shelter. Daily meals are included with their shelter plan. Raccoons, possums and other critters will sometimes use the house as a shelter to get out of the rain, or take a snooze.)

Any personal predictions on how many foggy days August holds for you?


  1. I am so looking forward to fall and winter. Triple digits have been abundant here with no rain so everything is brown and crispy!

    Wishing you a creative day!


  2. Interesting bit of lore... Wonder if that applies to other areas of the country.....
    Must get hold of Hubby or one of the kids to keep track of the foggy days back in Colorado to see what this winter has in store. :0)

  3. Jeanne, I imagine that this applies to anywhere that has the possibility of getting snow.

  4. I know that I wanted warmer weather last January but this is ridiculous!!!!
    I can't stand it! My garden is FRYING!!!
    Sigh...I'm never happy unless it's between 65 and 72 degrees!
    :) - Cindi

  5. We occasionally get fog in our river valley here in Edmonton, but it tends to be more of a spring/fall occurrence.

  6. Never heard that one before! and so far here in our bit of the UK were have had none :)

  7. Okay, well, that has been new for me! Very interesting though. :)

    Suzie, over at Rue's blog you left a kind comment about me winning her tarot deck. I just wanted to let you know how I appreciate that -- thanks! :)

    Greetings from Germany,

  8. Great, ever since you posted this, the weather guy has said, 'we start today with a bit of fog' - every day since the beginning of August!

  9. What a wonderful blog! I have a gift for you ~ you've been chosen to receive the August 2011 Wonderful Web Witches Award! Congratulations :) Details and award graphic here:

  10. Snow always looks so lovely.........when it is on the computer screen. lol


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