Sunday, July 10, 2011

Follow-up To Cursive Writing

I am loving all of your comments, and you all make very valid points. I certainly don't want to eliminate learning keyboarding and computer skills from anyone's education, but I don't want to see cursive writing disappear, either. Like Jeanne mentioned, our whole system needs to be re-evaluated.

Last night, on an Indiana station, about 50 miles away, across the border, they mentioned this same story, following up that a large newspaper in the state had gotten a lot of feedback from parents, with the majority of them not happy with this decision. Perhaps they will put pressure on their individual schools to continue to include cursive writing in their curriculum. 

I think that parents are going to have to be even more vigilant in what their schools are teaching, than we used to be, because this is the first that I've heard of schools dropping this requirement, even though other states have already done so.

And on a side note, regarding math and calculators, recently, I've had encounters with two different sellers, one at our local weekly Farmer's Market, and other at their seasonal roadside produce stand that they've had open since I was a child (they told me that their farm is now into their 4th generation!).  Both women were complaining that they are having trouble finding high school summer help, who can not only figure out weights and total costs, but how to give change.  

The farm had to invest in not only calculators for the kids to use, but an expensive cash register.  And, when they recently had a power outtage, they had to close during the duration. .not because they couldn't open the cash register, but the kids couldn't do the math in their heads, or on paper!

And the couple at the Farmer's Market had to give up doing another market, on the same day, because both of them were needed to run the one booth. They used to have a high schooler at each of them, helping them out, but they can't find kids who can figure out change.  They say that the kids tell them that they either just trust a cashier to give them the right change back, or they use plastic.  I find this incredibly sad, and alarming.

Again, thank you SO much for your comments! I love the feedback and sharing of thoughts and ideas!


  1. And the sad thing is that it's really not that hard to learn how to give change. I learned that when I was a kid too, along with cursive handwriting. Why am I starting to feel like a dinosaur?

  2. Proof positive that our educational system needs to be re-evaluated! The sad part is that many parents won't take an active role in their children's education - leaving more and more of what a child should learn up to the school and teachers instead of being taught it at home.


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