Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Word For Wednesday


To me, this is such a lyrical, but illusive, diaphanous word, I found it very difficult to find an image to visually express it satisfactorily, (the one that I posted, only touches on the illusion) which leads me to realize that it is more a word which comes to mind from a feeling, not a visual cue.

What does "enchanting" mean to you?


  1. Anything that makes me gasp and say "oh" involuntarily! Doesn't happen that often, but when it does -- enchanting!

  2. Enchanting is such an elusive word.... To me so many things can be enchanting...watching the fireflies at night, the sweet smile of a grandchild, listening to the purr of a feline as he lays on my lap and gets petted.
    Enchanting is A Feeling, A Sight, A Sound ~ A moment in time when I can forget all else and just be lost in what is happening at that very moment.


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