Saturday, April 9, 2011

Upstairs /Downstairs

Whom else is looking forward to the Upstairs~ Downstairs miniseries starting tomorrow night on Masterpiece Theatre?

I adored the original series, shown on PBS back in the 70's, and never missed an episode. My darling Hubs bought me the whole set on DVD, some years ago. He had never seen the program before, so we enjoyed watching it together, and I periodically watch a few episodes at a time, while doing my ironing. (yes, I love to iron!)

And now they are fast forwarding in time, to new residents, both above and below the stairs. .except for one. .Jean Marsh is back as Rose! I think that it is especially fitting, since she was one of the originators of the series in the first place.  Please click on the link above, to read the synopsis, and see a short clip. It looks to be a real visual treat, like all Masterpiece programs are known for.

I'll be seeing you tomorrow night, at 165 Eaton Place! Don't be late!!


  1. I love the original Upstairs Downstairs! It's a real classic.

  2. Hi Suzie -- Thanks so much for your thoughtful and touching comment on my Vimy Ridge Day post. I appreciate so much reading your reactions to the Memorial and Canada Bereft.

  3. Me!! Saw the first episode - yep, it's on my DVR!


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