Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Super Moon Give-Away!

Last night we had a lot of moisture in the air for the viewing of the Super Full Moon, which meant that we couldn't see her in her full glory. The mistiness lent a spooky atmosphere, and one could almost talk herself into believing that it was Halloween!

But, whether the skies were clear, or shrouded in mystery, she was there, and so to celebrate, I'm offering a long overdue Give-Away! 

I love herbs, growing them, cooking with them, learning their healing properties, their beauty, their fragrance. .what isn't to love?

So to give you a boost in enjoying your own herbal experience, I'm offering these treats to you:

Some sweet pots in a wire carrier, a pair of gardening gloves (one can never have too many!), a journal to record your plantings, or recipes, etc., some culinary lavender to bake up some treats, a cookbook to learn how, a little marble mortar & pestle to properly grind up your herbs and spices, and an herbal drying rack (that you will have to assemble, but it is easy!).  There are also some herbal seeds included to get you started!

All you have to do to have your name entered, is follow this blog, and leave a comment on this post! (I'm keeping it simple!)  And please make sure that I have a way of contacting you.

A name will be drawn on April 1st!  And no, this isn't an April Fool's joke. .the winner will really get the prizes in this give-away!

Wishing you good luck!!


  1. ooo, count me in. Do you need my address????

  2. What a lovely giveaway! And you are so right...what is not to love about herbs! Please enter my name for a chance to win these lovely items. :0)

  3. I was so lucky to be able to get the Bean down asleep in her bed long enough to get out the door and take a few pictures of the moon here. The best was this morning when I managed to catch her on her way down before she sunk behind a thick fog bank though.
    Your photograph is eerie and dreamy.

  4. Great picture of the moon. No need to enter me in the giveaway.

  5. Sounds great! So glad to see a post from you!
    Please enter me!
    XOXO - Cindi

  6. I love herbs! This is such a wonderful gift, I hope I win.
    my email is:

  7. What a beautiful giveaway! I'm a follower and I'm in! It was overcast here last night -- couldn't see the Supermoon. But you got a nice, if misty, shot!

  8. Oooooo please add me to the list hon...what a beautiful giveaway!! Hugs to you hon!!
    Love, Sarah

    Ya know the moon looked normal here..maybe I caught it to 3am..don't ask LOL!

  9. What a super cool give away! I am a follower. Thanks!

  10. That is one stash of goodies, have just followed you and thought i'd say Hi. I found your blog via 'She Who Seeks'

    all the best

  11. What a great picture of the moon..I was too alzy to get my tripod out to take pics due to the cold and I'm regretting it now!

    I'd love to be entered...I'm starting my first garden this year and am going to try some herbs! I was following through google reader...but I just officially clicked the thingie down there :)

  12. What a great giveaway! I'm so ready to get growing!

    Love your picture of the moon - it does look Halloweeny!

  13. Found your blog from a fellow blogger. LOL actually Teddy wispered your name to me. Great Blog! Please enter me!


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