Monday, March 21, 2011

Heirlooms & Hydroponics

The other day, when picking up birdseed at a local year around garden/produce market, I noticed that they are now offering heirloom tomatoes for sale.

They have offered the different heirloom tomato plants in the Spring, but are now offering the tomatoes themselves. The problem being, they have a lot of different varieties all together in baskets, so you have no idea which ones you are eating, and can only go by looks for buying them the next time.

I went by fragrance, and couldn't put these back. .they smell wonderful!!! Just like tomatoes used to. .heavily scented spicy sweetness. Yum!!!

And right next to that display (co-incidence? I don't think so!), is something new to this shop. .in fact, I've never seen it before anywhere around here. .tomatoes grown in water, yes, but not basil!

It comes in this tubular plastic bag, open at the top, and a white dotted line at the bottom, with instructions to not refrigerate, and to keep water in the bag, only up to the line, that part of the root cube should be kept exposed. .that they need oxygen besides the water.  I put it in this jug, simply because it is prettier, and I can enjoy it more.

The leaves are SO fresh and beautiful!!  And the fragrance is heavenly!!! I have to admit that potted basil doesn't have as strong a scent as this plant does.

The downside? It can't be switched to a soil environment, and it doesn't last for more than a couple of weeks. .which means that I either have to make a lot of dishes that basil will enhance, or try drying the leaves. .it is silly, I know, but it makes me sad that the plant itself can't be kept alive. 

This may be the way of the future for growing produce, but the romantic in me still loves pots of herbs growing in my kitchen window, or out on the patio, and bordering my garden paths.

You can read more, and see a photo of how this basil is grown at this link for  Eden Farms.

Happy Eating!! 


  1. Ooh- very clever! It looks like lovely basil too. And those tomatoes - wow! I wish we had produce that like around this time of year. I'm salivating just looking at your picture!

  2. Nothing tastes as good as heirloom tomatoes! YUM!! What a shame they didn't have the tomatoes types labeled......

  3. I must confess that I am quite puzzled about the hydroponic basil that can't survive more than a few weeks or be potted? What is the point? I'd best follow your link and educate myself!

  4. Wow! Basil grown in water? I've never heard of that! It looks like a pretty bouquet the way you have it displayed. :)

  5. lovely!!
    I can't wait to plant my tomatoe plants this weekend!!! :D
    I live on the third floor so I have to plant in pots on my deck... but I think I learned my lesson from last year to put the jalapeno plant higher... I couldn't figure out why my cat was drooling for 3 days until I caught her chewing on the leaves! bad girl! lol!


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