Monday, February 28, 2011

And The Award Goes To. . .

Me!!  I don't have one of those gold statues, but my awards mean the world to me, simply because someone was so kind hearted to give them to me.

I not only still have the two here, that were bestowed upon me (almost a year ago!!! I'm SO embarrassed!!), but a new one too. .so while you don't have to watch me drone on, thanking everyone that has ever touched my life in some way, after I answer all of the required questions, you will probably know more about me than you ever wanted to know.  

And if you are a true masochist, you can head on over to my Halloween blog, where I got two more awards, and have to dish on myself some more. .this is going to be tough. .I'm just not that interesting!

With that kind of build up, I know that you are bouncing off of the walls for me to get started. .anticipation is everything. .so let's get started.

Becca over at Magikal Seasons, gave me two awards last Spring.  The first is the beautiful, Life Is Good Award.

And I'm supposed to answer these questions:

1. Besides friends and family what makes you happy?  I was going to say my kitties, but they are family.  I love baking, I love creating, and I would still love to be out taking photos in nature.
2. What is your favorite thing to do for me time? Read
3. If you had one wish what would you wish for? That my hubby be cured
4. What was your favorite thing to do as a child that you still enjoy? Hmmm, toss up between creating art and reading
5. What is your favorite most item that you've made? Dolls for my daughters
6. How many kids do I have? 3
7. Grandkids?3
8. Favorite season? Autumn
9. Job I loved? Photographer & working in the darkroom
10.City or country? Small resort town

The other award she gifted me with, is the, just as meaningful, Beautiful Blogger Award.  

I'm supposed to share 7 things about me. .hmmmmmm, 

1. In 1989 I shattered my right wrist, and broke the bones in my arm lengthwise while photographing ice fishermen out in a winter storm.  Forgot my crampons, and the wind had polished the ice. .saved my camera though! 
2. I can never stay outside in the winter, without toe & hand warmers, and a scarf over my nose because I never wanted to come inside from ice skating when I was a kid. .every day after school, and all day long on weekends.
3. Loved roller coasters, never liked Ferris wheels.
4. Life-long love of walking on the beaches, in all seasons, and will frequent the beach to watch the sunset, and to watch approaching storms.  Used to go to the beach daily in warm weather, from after breakfast (weekends, we had breakfast at the beach), until dinner. then would return in the evening. (this was in the pre-skin cancer awareness days, when we doused ourselves in a homemade blend of iodine and baby oil)
5. I believe in reincarnation (so I can rethink all of the dumb things I did when I was a kid in my previous life )
6. My first car was a Corvair convertible, 5 on the floor. .(I can hear you laughing!)
7. Now I have a Black VW Beetle, which I love, and only drive in the summer.

And now, just a few days ago, Pam, over at Queenie's Beads gave me an Awesome Blog Award!  Not only here, but on my Halloween blog as well.  I accused her of making me think up twice as many things to share, and she hasn't denied it. .I've known her for a looong time, and know how she thinks! :-)  Gosh. .what else can I think of? This is harder than it should be. .makes me realize what a mundane life I lead!

1. I got my first, and only black eye at a slumber party when I was in Jr. High (and it was a beaut!)
2. Hubs and I used to go "canoe camping" a lot. .paddle lakes and portage through woods across islands to get to a campsite.
3. We used to camp in the wintertime. .in deep snow
4. As a kid, I took horseback riding lessons (English) at a riding academy every Spring and Fall.
5. I love archery. .targets only, no animals
6. I read cookbooks like I read fiction & non-fiction
7. I've always wanted to learn to play a bass clarinet, an oboe & a bassoon. 

Ok. .I'm supposed to pass these awards on to 15 other people, but not only am I months late with Becca's awards, but figure that if you are kind enough to come here and read my blog, then you are most deserving of all of these awards. So please, take your pick, take them all and decorate your own blog with honor!  Enjoy them. .that is what truly gives them their value.

Thank you Becca, and thank you Pam!  It truly means a lot to me that you would think of me.  

And thank you everyone, for hanging in here with me, even when I am unfortunately not here to post as often as I would like.  Knowing that you understand, and are here when I return, touches my heart.

Huge Hugs,


  1. Quite the jock in your day, eh? And a Corvair convertible too!!!

  2. Congrats on the awards!! How fun to read about you. :0) I enjoy archery as well. But I don't do roller coasters!

  3. congrats on the awards, you deserve them.

  4. Suzie thank you for visiting my Blog. Ah, the shores of Lake Michigan, I have many fond memories of the years we lived in Upper Michigan, such beautiful Country and so many wonderful Lakes and Forrests... picking wild Blueberries and going to the Strawberry Fields!

    Now I live in the Arizona Desert and love it for completely different reasons and seasons.

    I've been enjoying the links to Halloween inspired sites... that is one of my fav times of year to decorate in a most enchanting way.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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