Monday, November 1, 2010

The "S" Word

No, I'm not afraid to say it. ."SNOW"!  Yes, it is in our forecast for later this week. Sadly, I won't be here to see the first flakes coming down, and they aren't supposed to hang around waiting for my return, but the air will be crisp and clear with that hint of things to come, tingling your senses. And I'm going to miss the whole event. Drat.

I think that Mother Nature was giving me this gift to help me get over my post-Halloween doldrums. I didn't get to decorate, and because our town set Trick or Treating SO early last night, it was still light out when the kids came by. And more neighbors didn't decorate at all (at least we had lighted JOL's and our orange lighted arch!), and what is worse, didn't even hand out treats. What do you call a Halloween Grinch?

Seeing the forecast this morning, sent my heart soaring, then crashing when I realized the rotten timing, but then the most pleasant thoughts overtook my misery, tripping back down memory lane.

Being a child of the 50's, and living within a 100 mile radius of Chicago, I used to watch children's programs on WGN TV. .those of you who are familiar with their programs probably know where I am headed with this. . .

There was one program in particular that I watched, Garfield Goose. .he was a puppet of course, who thought that he was King of the United States, and his human, Frasier Thomas, was his Prime Minister.  Do you know how silly I feel writing all of this out? But again. .I was a child of the 50's. .we didn't watch people being blown up and mutilated on a regular basis.

Every year, at first snowfall, they would show an old animated short, called Suzie Snowflake.  They would also show it around the holiday season, along with another short, Hardrock, Coco & Joe, and an animated version of Frosty The Snowman. .no, not the half hour show, but an earlier cartoon rendition.

But my personal trip down memory lane doesn't end there. My Dad was the one who woke me up each morning to get ready for school, and on the day of the first snow, he would wake me up, singing the first few bars of that song. I would bounce out of bed and raise the shade to see just how much white was on the ground, and watch the delicate lace floating through the sky. .oh, how I loved that moment!  And I still do.  There is something so magical about it.

So for your viewing pleasure (keep your fingers crossed that I can get this to work!), I share with you, the original "Suzie Snowflake". (please turn off the music below)

Wishing you a delightful first day of November! The smell of snow is in the air! Aaaaaahhhhhhh


  1. Happy November 1st Suzie! Have a safe trip and maybe when you get back, you will get your first snow fall. Wishing you a positive week!


  2. I love snow....from my warm house. :)

    Happy November to you too!


  3. I only had 4 treaters last night. it was sorley depressing... i wish our forecast had snow in it but at least we have lows coming in the 20's. :) happy november!

  4. hi suzie! i layed the garland flat. i guess you could wrap it but it would use a lot more garland. i like mine better than the one i passed up too! and it was so much fun doing it. well, except for the burns. the whole time i was using the glue gun i was wondering if martha swears like this when she does projects. but, martha probably doesn't burn herself!!!


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