Saturday, September 25, 2010

Practical Magic Party!

Our original schedule meant that I wasn't going to be here today to take part, so I didn't sign up for the official party tour, and I didn't prepare anything special for this event. . however, since I am here, I would like to remind everyone to click on the button at the top of my sidebar, so that we can go magically blogging together!

Then, when we are through, we can come back here for some classic (Midnight) Margaritas!

4 oz. Cuervo Especial Gold 

4 oz. Grand Marnier or other favorite orange liqueur 

4 lime wedges

4 teaspoon(s) salt

Rub rim of a chilled margarita glass with half a lime and dip it into a saucer of salt to coat. 

In a shaker with ice, add tequila & orange liqueur.

Shake vigorously, and strain into the glass.  

Garnish with lime wedge.

If you like a sweeter drink, you can add an ounce of a simple sugar syrup to the shaker.

Enjoy the tour, and remember, "Always throw salt over your left shoulder; keep rosemary by your garden gate; plant lavender for luck; and fall in love whenever you can."


  1. Are your thinks the same as mine? Yes! I thought so: Harry Nilsson IS here with us in spirit this Full Moon~charged Practical Magic Blog Party day! Put the lime in the coconut, Mr. Nilsson!

    Cellar Door

  2. Good magical morning hon...I am so glad you joined in! Am sending a few breakfast brownies your way! Hugs and love... and of course blessings, Sarah

  3. Just flying by to send some Moon Charged Practical Magic!!!

  4. Midnight Margaritas count me in! Flying by to wish you a Magical and Enchanting Day friend!

  5. glad you made it to the party and thanks for stopping by!!!

  6. My ABSOLUTE favorite cocktail!!!!!

  7. hi suzie! i am so glad you liked the cake. when i first received the recipe i was a bit skeptical. but then i made it. and i have never stopped making it since. it is luscious!


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