Sunday, August 1, 2010

AAAAaaaaaaHHHHHHH CHOUuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

Cough, Cough, Cough!!  No. .no cold. .dust, just lots and lots of dust everywhere!  Look at what comes rolling in when your blog goes untouched for weeks now.

We had to stay longer than originally scheduled. .they decided to add a bunch of tests that Hubs hasn't had in a while, and since this is their busy season, it was only one a day instead of them all being done within a couple of days.

It was worse because we had to stay over the weekend, when the clinic isn't open. One gets so tired of going out to find something to do, and that motel room gets smaller and smaller.

And now we get to go back next week, but hopefully, that will only be a three day trip total, then we'll be home until the first of September, and then again in the middle of the month. .

I'm so far behind in posting and reading, I may never catch up, but I wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate everyone hanging in here with me.  I truly miss being in touch with you.  Hopefully, I'll get some breathing room soon. .in the meantime, can someone hand me a broom?  A huge industrial shop vac would be more efficient, I guess.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day!!


  1. You two take care, dear ones. Living out of a suitcase is no fun. You need anything just email, K?

  2. Hi Suzie! Sorry you have to be away so long! Thinking of you and your hubby. Don't worry about the dust it's a nice affect. :)

  3. Hi hon....ackkk I can imagine...I lived in a hotel room with a 3 year old and Jim for six months once...ackkk was horrid after a while! There is only so much you can do when you are somewhere you don't live..ackkk!! Sending hugs and love hon, Sarah

  4. welcome back. i want you to know the dust made me sneeze! :)


  5. Oops! I'm reading your posts backwards!
    I just read the Practical Magic one.
    But once again! Glad you are back (for a moment or two!) Take care! - Cindi

  6. It's so nice to see you back Suzie! You have been missed! Don't you worry about the dust and the cob webs, they will look great in less than 60 days. Just think of it as early decorations, you are ahead of the game. I so feel for you living in a motel room. There is no place like home. Missed you, so glad you are back!


  7. So good to hear from you...been thinking about you often!
    Just leave the dust...not a worry at all! :0) And I promise not to write anything in it (one of my Mom's biggest pet peeves).

    Thank you for stopping by my 'place' over the weekend and leaving such lovely comments. I loved hearing from you.
    Will keep you in my thoughts in the coming weeks. ♥

  8. Sorry to hear that hotel living is wearing on you! Getting all the tests done at once is something I'd prefer than dragging it out. Perhaps it's a good thing then.

    Hope you enjoy your time at home!


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