Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Blog Tour!

Only this one is someone else's idea, and I'm really looking forward to it!

I love looking at those publications that showcase artists' workspaces. It is so interesting to me to see not only the reflections of their individual personalities, but practical things, like lighting, placement of workstations, colors used in their decor. .storage. .and in my mind, try to better define what I want in my own creative space which is a shambles at the moment.
Lo and behold, I found a blogger who not only likes looking at spaces where artwork is made, but she formed a tour last year and it was VERY successful!

So much so, she is doing it again this year, and right now, over 400 people have signed up to share photos and descriptions of their creative spaces, whether it be a tabletop, or a whole studio, with everything in-between thrown in!

Please go check out Karen Valentine's blog now (I've linked to the page with the details), where you can learn more, then sign up, or at least add the link to your sidebar, and remember on the 19th, to join in the tour!  This should be a lot of fun!!

Wishing everyone a beautiful evening!


  1. Love those big side kitties! But I feel like I'm being watched . . . !

  2. I love seeing other artists' work spaces too, but then I filled with a mix of elation and inspiration, as well a feeling of inadequacy that I can't seem to keep my own work space so neat clean and uncluttered...ha! :o)


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