Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Midyear Happy Halloween Blog Crawl/Day 19

One of the blogs that I follow regularly always has a touch of the spooky, or the creepy in it. .in a good way, of course! And it is created by another regal queen. .well, maybe not so regal. .she is The Frog Queen. (are frogs regal? I guess they are if they happen to be a prince that was turned into a. .well, you know. . )

Yes, her other passion is frogs. .not spiders, but for those of you who are already familiar with Frog On The Pumpkin, you'll know that she manages to come up with some pretty phenomenal haunts, along with the funny ones.

She and her hubby have an awesome Halloween display each year. You can see some photos on her Davis Graveyard Blog.  My only regret is that I live far across the country from her, and can't enjoy her haunt in person.

But you can enjoy a virtual tour with me, and then head on over to my Halloween blog for another treat!  


  1. You had me at FROG! I collect frogs and angels. I'm going to see the cool creepy blogger ;-)

  2. Sorry I missed our mention. Thanks so much. This was a very clever and fun idea!!



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