Monday, May 3, 2010

The Midyear Happy Halloween Blog Crawl/Day 3

Good Morning!

Blogger is giving me a challenge this morning, first in being able to access my blogs, and now, half of the photos on everyone's blogs are missing. So I'm putting on my lucky charms (not the cereal!) to get through this posting!

Today, we go and visit Wendy, the (VERY) Good Witch! I don't know if her definition of good means that she never does anything wrong, or that she excels in everything that she does, but personally, I think that she can wear both pointy hats quite well!

Her blog never fails to entertain and delight me. She has a way of ferreting out the unique to share with us.

Please go visit Wendy in The Halloween Tree!

And remember to slip on over to my Halloween Blog for another Halloween visit!

Wishing everyone a fantastic day!


  1. Aww....well thank you Suzie! I am most honored that you mentioned me in your blog. Thank you for your kind words. As for the 'good' in Good Witch. It is actually an inside joke more than anything...but it means good in a completely sweet and innocent way of course! :o)


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