Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Halloween Blog Crawl/Day 25

Vintage Halloween, and replicated Vintage Halloween. .that's what you'll find at the Vintage Halloween Collector! Makes sense. lol  But you'll also find ideas for using those finds in decorating ideas and party planning.  Jenn has a whole Nancy Drew themed party laid out for you! What fun!

Then at your leisure, please head on over to my Halloween Blog for today's other treat!

Have a great day!


  1. Her Nancy Drew theme party looks fabulous! I was never a big fan of Nancy Drew -- she always struck me as too prissy. Instead, I was a big fan of George, her butch friend! Yeah, baby!

  2. Hi hon...how are you doing? Know you have been wicked busy..but I miss ya!! Made my day to see you this afternoon on my blog. How are things going for you all?? Off to see todays featured blog...whoot..can't wait till Halloween!! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Hello Suzie, how are you? I really need to jump in on this with you next year, this has been so fun and filled with such wonderful Halloween Treats, thank you for sharing it all with us!!



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