Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Happy Halloween Blog Crawl/Day 12

Who knew that there was so many spooky & cool pieces of furniture and other decorative pieces for the home!

I've found another gem at Creepy Cupcakes!  From permanent fixtures to accessories and personal adornment, Carrie Mae shares them all! (Go back to past entries to see her wedding photos! SO cool!!) It makes me want to re-think our decorating style. .

I haven't gotten a chandalier for the dining room yet.

Then head on over to my Halloween blog, to enjoy another stop in the tour!


  1. Have I mentioned how much I love the looks of your blog! I adore the border! I wish I could get some fabric like that for my dining room chairs!
    AND next Halloween, I'll be making pumpkin pillows! Great Idea!

  2. I loved her bloody nails! They'd go great with a zombie costume! Like you just clawed your way out of the coffin!

  3. Great blog, all kinds of cool ideas...and she is just a sweetie too. Thanks for featuring her.



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