Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 5! Midyear Happy Halloween Blog Crawl!

Good Morning, my pretties!

Today we are in the company of royalty! Not just one of regal bearing, but two!

Here, we meet The Pumpkin Queen! A new haunt to me, she has some striking photos and interesting narratives. 

And after you enjoy your visit, please meander over to my Halloween Blog to meet the other Royal One!


  1. i am shooting over to the other blogs as soon as i have time this morning! i can't wait for halloween and i intend to start working on halloween things asap! i have so much to do! when teddy was a brand new puppy and was built like a water balloon, i took her into the pool a couple times trying to get her used to it. i held her the whole time and let her sit on the first step. she was horrified. but let her walk into a lake that starts out being a few inches deep where she can see the bottom, before you know it she will be stroking back and forth. go figure! chows chows are so fussy about everything!

  2. I'm enjoying your Halloween crawl! Some great places!


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