Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 20, Mayniacal Mayhem

Today I'm pimping my own blogs, more or less. These are two blogs that I have the honor of sharing with some truly talented and fantastic people, and I wanted everyone to be aware of the marvelous things that they take the time to share with everyone.

Here we are at The Haunted Gardens. These four women never fail to amaze and teach me new things in the botanical world, and manage to make to laugh occasionally too! I am honored to share this space with them.

Then please go over to my Halloween Blog to see another Halloween group that I'm a part of!


  1. That post on Doll's Eye was very . . . well, eye-opening! And I love the photo of that maniacal little tomato!

  2. Giggle that tomato is darling..and wickedly creepy cool!! I love you all garden blogs...maybe when mine gets up to speed I can join mine just looks like ...well scary but not in a good way LOL!!
    Hugs hon, Sarah

  3. Still loving the tomato!!! Bwahahahahah


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