Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Play Mysti For Me, Or What It Is Like To Work With A Diva

Meet Mysti.

Mysti came into our lives 10 years ago, when she started showing up with some other feral cats to be fed. She was just a youngster then, and had not reached puberty yet. But boy, it was close!

After some coaxing (on our behalf), she decided to bestow the honor of being her humans, to us.  Since we had a couple of days before we could get her into her doctor, we kept her separated from our other kitty by keeping her confined in a huge crate. It was a good thing that we brought her in, because it was during that second night, that she went into her first heat, singing loudly to us all night long. The only way she would stop, was if my darling hubs would keep his hand inside the crate, petting her. It was a long night.

We noticed by morning, that her voice was sounding a little like a frog. .wouldn't you after singing all night?  By the time we got her into the vet, she was hardly able to meow or mumble at all.  An examination found a bot fly larve embedded in her neck.  The poor girl came home with two patches of bare skin on the same side, from two operations.  That icky larvae was not only pressing on her vocal cords, but her airway as well, and it may have killed her before it would make its escape. So Mysti was saved just in time, and she's never let us forget it.

She is the only female living with us, and she rules all with her silvery velvet paw.  I think that she has some Norwegian Forest Cat in her bloodline because she has oodles of microfine hair, has their head and body shape, along with the shape of her eyes, and long, long, dense hair between her toes.  She is basically a two person cat (me. .us girls have got to stick together, and my hubs, because he was the hand that petted her when she was distressed). She has long conversations with me during our quiet mornings together before anyone else gets up. Her vocabulary is quite astounding. .she rarely just "meows".

And so it was one morning, that she happened to see my post about the Cheshire Cat and how much I love him. .not good.  She tolerates my affection with our other cats because she knows interprets that down deep in my heart, I love her the best, and SO much, that there isn't room for anyone else. For her to see my declaration in print was a shock for the poor dear. She made a mad dash for her fluffy bed hidden underneath our bed, and stayed there the rest of the day to ponder this development.

The next morning, she approached me, with emotional devastation translated into a hauty demeanor, and a question. .how come I posted HIS photo on both of my blogs, and I've only posted one measly little image of her a long time ago, and that wasn't one of her best?  Realizing that she was gauging the public display as the meter of my affection, my quick counter declaration that try as I might, she never lets me photograph her, except on the run, was completely true, and she knew it.

Shock of shockers, she agreed to pose for photos the next morning! She said that she had to prepare herself. .ok. .I could understand that .it gave me time to figure out a good setting for her.  I don't like using flash on animals unless it is absolutely my last resort, and then I use bounced lighting. .but my son has those, so that was out. . .

In the meantime, Mysti is grooming and purging (she has a lot of fine fur, and I can't do a good enough job to suit her. .she prefers to do it herself), getting each hair to glisten in the barest light, and fruitlessly trying to get them to all lay down in regimented order. 

Face washed, eyes bright with an secretly ingested pinch of catnip to see her through this ordeal, she faces me and asks what's next. 

When she saw the pile of pillows, that was fine with her! She loves nothing better than to burrow and snuggle in.  But her attention span and patience run short. I'm showing these to 1. look for sympathy for all that I went through to try and get a good photo of her, ( I NEVER had this much of a problem photographing other people's pets!) and 2. to get her off my back about not posting any photos of her.

Here is just a sampling: 

First, I get "the look".

And I remind her that this was HER idea, not mine.

So then she gives me a profile. .

Then she thinks that her OTHER side is her best. .

Are you STILL here?

And finally, "Oh all right" take one and let's get it over and done.

Now that she sees her portfolio, she is pondering as to why she doesn't have that bubbly appeal that the Cheshire Cat has.  I knew that I shouldn't. .I just knew it, but couldn't resist pointing out that she needs to learn to smile first.

I hope that everyone else is enjoying their day. I have to take myself to the drugstore to buy some more band-aids. .I knew that we should have had her declawed.


  1. I agree with Mysti -- you should give her more prominence on your blog! What a beautiful cat!

  2. She is fabulous! I can see how she has the personality to run the house. Very royal!

  3. She is beautiful!! Love those looks!! Oh yeah, she's the boss, lol.

    How's those bandaids coming along, did you have enough, lol.

    Have a great rest of the week!!

  4. Suzie she is a beautiful cat and great color too!

  5. My dogs will not let me near a cat so I just can't relate...but Play Misty For Me, I think I had my first crush at 9 on Clint Eastwood. I hope you get over that darn cold right away!

  6. She's absolutely gorgeous! When we caught Sammie and Bella the same thing happened. Sammie immediately went in heat and started chasing our 20 lb chubby male around the house. It was a riot but way too loud. Then Bella, the smaller of the two, decided it looked like fun and started up. Oh my, it was a long 3 days before they were spayed. Thanks so much for your kind words. Have a wonderful week! Hugs, Lisa

  7. ROFL - what a hoot! Love the pics and the story - she's beautiful...but well, would you have expected any less from her??

  8. Oh my she is stunning hon!! I have a close relationship with Tink too...sweet and I am her human. The boys..not so much.. she adores me! Thankfully she has gotten used to my camera in her face and is tolerant of me LOL! Wonderful post hon!!
    I hae left you a special blog award on my blog hon..hope you will snag it. Love, Sarah

  9. she is beautiful and a scratch is a worthy trade off to declawing. that look on teddy's face means: i want a treat!!! she is very facially verbal!

  10. Suzie....well that kitty is adorable....i have 4 kittys too..always had kittys before I got Buddy...kind of got him on a whim...little did I know then...all the love that was coming my way...

    this has been one tough road to haul..some days I had my doubts...but Octoberfarm and Teddy..I can't even begin to tell you how much support I got from them....a lifesaver....

    I LOVE Halloween too so much...LIVE for it...and I am off to get your animal rescue button for my blog too..

    we have alot in common, my friend

    can't wait to share Teddy with you..

    great music btw.

    sending love,


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