Friday, March 12, 2010

More Cheshire Cat; A Quick Critique

Without giving anything in the story away, this is one of my favorite moments in the movie. .actually what happens right before this scene. My hubby missed the visual clue, so maybe we'll have to see it again! lol

I realized when I saw the previews and the stills, that I was going to be looking at the movie more in a creative mode than following the story. 

And in that sense, I wasn't disappointed. I loved all of the detailing in the character's costumes, the sets and the special effects. 

The 3D is more subtly used than in Avatar,where you went on soaring rides on the backs of winged dragons.  But it is still affective, especially with the Caterpillar's smoke and the disappearing Cheshire Cat. (And Alan Rickman's voice is perfect for the caterpillar!)

It isn't as "dark" as Tim Burton's other movies have been, but is lightly fanciful. Maybe because they are playing to younger kids.

Spoiler Alert ~ Next Paragraph Only 

The Queen of Hearts isn't as nasty as some of Disney's other wicked queens have been, although there is a moat scene with hints of her victims of her famous "off with their heads" that is a little "Ick!!" but even that isn't scary. .just gross to think about. And some viewers may not even get the connection.

I think that the stories of Alice are so packed with details and intricacies, that it is hard to put it all into one movie and have it all make sense.  There are a few loose ends. .or I should say beginnings, if you aren't already familiar with the original stories. But those are minor side issues. If you go with the flow of the main story, it is self contained. It moves along at a steady pace, although at times, it seems like there isn't much going on, that it is more like filling space. But then it isn't stressful with an abundance of continuous high action scenes either. Again, maybe because this isn't aimed for just adults.

SPOILER ALERT~ Next Paragraph Only

The only true violent part is when the Jabberwock meets his demise, but it isn't overly long or suspenseful, and is predictable. He is just scary enough to not be a misunderstood dragon, but not so overwhelming as to send children running up the aisles screaming, either. (unless you have a sensitive, impressionable child, like I was. .but I can think of several Disney wicked characters that are still scarier than this Jabberwock)

Sooo, if you are anticipating another completely quirky, dark Tim Burton movie, you may be a tad disappointed, but if you going with the intention of seeing the fantasy of Alice and her Wonderland, along with all of the colorful, fanciful characters, then you will enjoy the journey!

Please let me know what you liked, or disliked about it!


  1. I'd like to go with my hubby. Can you come over and sit for me. Oh the boys are no trouble at all. But the little one he's a! Love the new blog look too. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. I loved it! Every bit of it.. I can't remember when I smiled througout an entire movie. The words, the fantasy, the creativity..all of it!

  3. I really want to see this one. Maybe I can talk hubby into going, ha, lol.

    Have a great weekend Suzie, I love your new look too!!


  4. Haven't seen it yet, but would like to. The trailer looks fantastic!

  5. the Blog Tech LOVED the movie!!! the tin box that teddy is walking buy is a pair of two tea containers i found years ago in an antique store. i can't remember how much i paid for them. i only got in to thrift shopping recently and used to pay through the nose for everything!


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