Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm In Love

We went to see "Alice" in 3D on Wednesday, and it did not disappoint me. Johnny Depp was fantastic as usual, and each character is full of charm. But one made me want to gather him up and bring him home!

How could anyone resist those gorgeous eyes and that grin! He makes you smile, just looking at him!


  1. He was my favorite too!!! I just loved how his little chubby body rolled around and disappeared into a cloud of smoke. He put a smile on my face every time he came on the screen!!!

  2. We're going on Sunday...I can't wait. Stephen Fry has a voice that would be just perfect for that little bundle of scrummy fur.

  3. Oh oh oh I forgot to ask what you thought!!! I guess this answers the question! Do you think it is ok for what age maybe?
    Hugs and love, Sarah


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