Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Different Kind Of Deer Story

A while back, I shared a photo of me, with a raccoon who had climbed up onto my back while I was out taking photos. This was not an isolated, or unusual occurrence for me.

It seems that when I am out in nature, her creatures have a way of finding me in the most delightful encounters. I normally don't seek them out, wanting them to continue to fear humans, because not all are as friendly as I am, but there is something about me, that they don't fear. Friends have made suppositions as to why this is, and members of my former photo club have offered me payment to go with them when they hunt. Needless to say, I turned them down! I didn't even like to even take them with me when I went out to take photographs. I found that the few times that I did, that no animals would show up at all, and the woods would be unnaturally quiet.

But when I took some of my closest friends, some animals would show up to hang around me, but would often scamper off when my photo buddy would get too close. So it is no suprise that I've had the most, and my rarest moments when I was by myself.  Up in the U.P., I once had a mink run along with me on the shores of the Tahquamenon River, playing around the legs of my tripod, and with my shutter cable while I tried to take photos of some endangered blooms.  I've had porkies and possums come out to say hello, along with skunks, squirrels, chippies, (one kept climbing into my camera bag) wild turkeys and many waterfowl.  I've had owls and hawks land in trees to watch me, and more than once a snake slither out to wrap around my tripod legs then settle in to take a snooze. I had to be extra careful not to step or kneal on them! I don't think that they would have taken too kindly to it!

I've had so many raccoon visits, I've lost count, as I have deer. There are several encounters that do stand out in my memory though, and this is one of them.

I was sorting through a huge box, and found these tucked in there. Fortunately, one of my photo buddies was there to capture it on film. Yes. .film.  These are 20 years old, and have some surface damage to them.
Yes, that is red hair. .my true color. It was Autumn, and I remember that although the sun was warm, the air was chilly, hence the layered clothes that made me look like a marshmallow, and the brighter colors so as to not blend in too well. .gamebird season was on. I usually wore a muted olive green hat, but I thought that red hair was a better beacon!

I resisted touching that deer for so long, but then gave up the fight.

 For one thing, he kept licking my camera, including my lens.  I had to change lenses because a very sticky film formed on the glass that I couldn't remove until I got home. And then he started on me!  Ooooh, how I hated leaving him.  I worried about what was going to happen to him. .he was obviously born later in the year, being that small, and with spots in Autumn. 

I kept hoping that Mom was somewhere nearby, watching him, thinking "Didn't I teach him ANYTHING?"

Although I brought you a touch of Autumn into your life, I hope that you are enjoying a delightful Spring day!


  1. Wow, what an incredible gift that is! On some sixth sense level that we humans can't detect, the animals must know that you are their friend and that it is safe to be near you. It's like you're St. Francis of Assisi or somebody!

  2. Really amazing! They know a magical person when they see one!

  3. Oh oh oh oh how wonderful...I just love this like you..somehow this does not surprise me at all! What wonderful pictures! You and I are going to have to go hiking I attract the wild birds. I can just see us with our cameras hiking and sitting and shooting all day..yup we need to do this!
    I added some rum to my juice:) BTW I love Garrison Keillor...cracks me up!
    Hope your day is good to snuggle up in the blankets..feel yucky! Wonderful amazing post hon!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  4. What beautiful pictures!!! I seem to attract animals and people, lol. I am always wearing my need to know face as total strangers will come up to me and tell me their problems or something great that happened to them that day. When were riding in the car I've had deer run along side us, birds (usually pheasants and cranes) trying to fly into my window and I even had an owl try to land on my car driving down the road. My father and sister are the same way. I've never been able to pet a deer though, thats really awesome!!


  5. You have a gift that is so rare. I am in awe. I have never had any experience like that but I have had a few wild animals trust me when they have been hurt.

  6. Suzie - that is truly so beautiful! How awesome.

  7. Wow....those are really incredible photos! What a wonderful moment to have captured on film. Great story....thanks for sharing! :o)


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