Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bouquets of Sunshine!

This bright and beautiful Sunshine Award has been showered on not only this blog, but my other ones as well.

I think that all of the gorgeous blooms are all melting the snow with their warmth and delightful spirit!

Becca, over at MagikalSeasons graciously bestowed this upon me here, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

I'm supposed to list 12 people to share this with, but you all continue to inspire and cheer me every day. Even if you don't leave comments on my blog, and I may not have time to, on yours either, but that doesn't mean that I'm not reading what you have to share.  And through your words, my day is changed for the better.

So please, copy and paste this beautiful award on your blog too, and wear it with pride! You deserve it!

Thank you again, Becca! You made my day extra special!!!


  1. Congrats Suzie on your award, enjoy it is a beauty!!!

    Hope you have a GRAND weekend.


  2. congrats on the award! omg..that hatter created by wills is unbelievable. he is a genius! i wil never figure out how to assemble this wooden clother rack. it's driving me crazy!

  3. THANKS FOR ALL OF THE SUGGESTIONS. IF YOU SEE SOMETHiNG STREAKING THROUGH THE SKY IT MIGHT BE THE DRYING RACK. I HAVE FOUR OTHER, SOME EVEN A BIT COMPLICATED BUT NOTHING LiKE THIS. FIRST I HAD THE BLOG TECH TRY TO ASSEMBLE IT. oops....sorry, hit caps lock. the Blog Tech said it's like a rubick's cube and he gave up. i let my husband have a go at it and after an hour he came inside and said he put it together. i walked out and looked at it and it looked like something from dr. suess. the tag on it is just the price and there were no instructions. ever hour or so i go out and try again still with no luck. i'll eventually figure it out or use it as firewood!!!

  4. you are right! i think i fell for a bad, cruel rummage sale trick!!! i will figure this thing out if it kills me!!!

  5. that is quite a cute story. hmmmm...what would teddy do. i think she would grab the ground meat and run! she sure would like you in the future though!!!

  6. is getting close to being kindling! i am still trying to figure the damn thing out!!!


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