Monday, February 8, 2010

Look Who Dropped In!

This morning, I realized that the sun was coming up! Even though it is only in the 20's, or maybe because of it, that warm yellow glow was a welcome sight!

And when I walked back through from the kitchen, into the dining room, I found that I wasn't the only one who was responding to the sunlight streaming in through the windows.

These wee folk had suddenly appeared!  They seem to do this about this time of year, so I always take it as an early sign of Spring.

I would introduce you to some of them, but sadly, I don't know their names. They have never told me, but I do know a little of their personalities, just by watching them when they decide to come to visit.

This first little beauty is my newest little friend.  She actually winged her way up from Florida, taking the scenic route through Pennsylvania where my friend Pam, lives. Pure coincidence that Pam and her hubby were vacationing in Florida last year about the same time. 

She is delicate, floating on a bubble, and represents all things soft and feminine. She may have a tendency to forget things that she considers "ugly", but she is so loveable, you can't resist her charms.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have this guy. Yes, he has the slightest smile on his face, but that is only the satisfaction that he has everything under control. He shoulders the responsibility of his Faerie Clan, making sure that they don't get into too much trouble, and trying to balance their tendencies to play, with the realities of the world, that only he seems to see.

Then we have whom I call, The Blue Faerie. She is supreme serene. Always introspective, always centered and balanced. No matter what happens, she never has a blue sparkly hair frazzled, nor a ruffled blue irridescent feather. She is the essence of OM, and naturally has the ability to calm and find perspective.  Those leafy looking pieces behind her, are her gorgeous wings. Her inner beauty is so great, her aura is sparkling with peaceful color.

This little guy is a bit of an imp. A very intelligent imp, so loves to learn, for learning's sake, to expand his knowledge just for the joy of it. And he is also a bit of a tease. Not in a mean, malicious way, but more of a way of challenging not only his intellect, but yours too, to make you think, and laugh.

Then we have who I refer to as The Flower Faerie. She dresses as though she is one or part of a deep luscious bloom.  Our tie to all things of nature, she lives in harmony with the many jeweled insects that also call this community home.  There isn't a living species that this little Faerie doesn't love and respect, and they in kind, love her too. She is the original Flower Child.

And this one. .this one represents our inner child. She loves to dance, sing, paint with wild abandon, and tells wildly funny stories that make you wonder if they are true or not. .but most of the time, they are! She leads a rather flamboyant life!  She is our serious Faerie's greatest challenge, but she chooses to ignore him for the most part, which is probably even more infuriating for him. She represents everything that he isn't, although he would probably like to be, at least a little bit, if he were to admit it to himself.
I do LOVE her hair, don't you?

As I mentioned, there are sparkly, bejeweled bugs also on this little tabletop tree, with the largest of them perched right at the top! I keep waiting for him to fly away, but I'm thinking that he likes sunning himself too much.

I truly hate to tell them that we are now under a winter storm warning, with blizzard conditions beginning tonight, on through Wednesday evening.  I'm afraid that they might disappear again.
If only I knew their names.  Do you have any idea what they might be?


  1. How cute! What a great way to banish the winter doldrums!

  2. I don't think they'll be flying way anytime soon; they have quite the comfy home there. I love all of them, and would love to have a fairy tree maybe I will one day...

  3. Cute - and bring on the sun, is what I say!

  4. what a beautiful tree... and so many fairy friends you have.... I love when they start to peek out.... I truly do hope it is a sign of early spring.

  5. How adorable! That's a really fun idea and it looks great too. Tell them to help us hurry up and bring on spring already, ok? lol

  6. They're all so precious!!! Thank you for introducing your lovely winged friends to us! :0)

    And the days are always full of sunshine when you have Wee Fae Folk in the house!


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