Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy Groundhog Day! What do we do to celebrate? I don't know. Maybe what Groundhogs do when they're happy? Probably doing much like this handsome guy, who lives in our garden.

Last Spring, he was helping do early Spring yardwork by clearing out all of the sprouting sunflower seeds underneath the feeders, before I shoveled up the shells. And he did an excellent job too!

If he were foolish enough to pop his head out today, he would only see cloudy skies and snow falling. No shadow!!  

So strike up the band, and let the feasting begin!!


  1. How lovely that you have YOUR VERY OWN groundhog! I hope he enjoys his celebrity status today -- no paparazzi please!

  2. We have them several of them. They are very cute when they are babies. They love to eat my plants but I leave a lot of clover which they love and prefer. My goal is a deer fence this year which will work for these fellows too! Happy Ground Hogs Day and Yeah no shadow here! :)

  3. I have a stuffed animal groundhog from my classroom teaching days, but this guy is the real deal. How cute!

  4. Clouds you say??? Spring is around the corner then!
    Hope your Groundhog Day was quite Festive! :0)


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