Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bonus Jello Recipe!

Ok, Mrs. B, in all of her wisdom, posted the very same Jello recipe that I did, only SHE has pictures, too! lol

So I thought that I'd share another one that I enjoyed every holiday when I was growing up.  It is going to sound strange, but it really is very good.

And I shouldn't show you this graphic because it isn't anything like the salad that I'm going to share, but thought that it was too gross looking to not share it!  What lengths they went to, to come up with something new! Eeeuuuwww!

So back to the good one.

Make a package of lime jello (large box, or two small ones) according to directions, and let it get just to the soft set stage where you add fruits or veggies.

Nowadays, this is even easier to make because you can buy preshredded coleslaw mix, but "back in the old days", my Mom would shred some cabbage, carrots and onion, and mix that into the lime jello, then pour it into a mold.

Pop it out at dinnertime, and you have a festive jello salad!  And yes, it really is good!  She used to make another version using orange jello with carrots and raisins, but I always preferred the lime with the cabbage.

Ok, Mrs. B. . your turn! lol


  1. OMG, my mom made this one, too! I almost posted it, lol! We call it "Perfection Salad" and use the orange jello, coleslaw mix, and a can of pineapple. To top it, we always used a teaspoon of may, lol! We all eat it that way, and it grosses my husband out SO BAD! Lol!!!

  2. ahah! It kind of gross me out too...
    I don't think I'd be game to make this one... Must be the picture!

  3. I have never made this. I do have the old tupperware mold. Looks very interesting! :)

  4. we do something similar except we add fruit cocktail(no veggies)to ours with a mixture of mayo, sour cream and cool whip as a topping... i love it!

  5. Suzie what a great blog and since I am always hungry and there is food even gross jello and olives, I will have to come back just to drool.

    Renee xoxox


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