Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas Tag! Now???

Yes, Christmas Tag. 

Back on December 10th, sweet Liz, tagged me on her blog, Lizzie's Logic, to answer some questions regarding my holiday preparations.

Unfortunately, I was too busy actually doing the prep work, running way behind on some things, as a matter of fact, to devote the time and thought deserved.

I truly appreciate that Lizzie thought of me, and so with your indulgence, I will now truthfully answer the questions now, as if I were answering them almost a month ago! ;-)

1. Have You Started Your Christmas Shopping?   I like to shop year around, preferring things from antique markets, craft shows, art shows, or boutiques that carry hand crafted things.  So yes, I did have my own shopping done. HOWEVER, for the past couple of years, I've been doing my Mom's holiday shopping too, and while she favors more practical gifts found in mainstream stores, I can usually get hers done pretty early in the season too.  But this year, she was rather forgetful, and called me in a panic a couple of times, because she had realized that she had forgotten this person, or that one, so would I mind, when I was out. . .and she decided at the last minute, just a few days before Christmas, to adopt a family for the holiday, so I was out buying gifts and food for them to pick up for their own celebration.  I hadn't been out actually having to buy gifts that late in the season in a long time. It was stressful finding a parking space, and I don't like crowds very well, but the actual finding and purchasing went rather smoothly, especially when I was thinking about some little kids who were going to have a very nice visit from Santa, after all.

2. Tell Me One Of Your Traditions.  Hmmmm,  Because the dynamics of our family has changed over the years, we seem to be inventing new traditions as the years pass, with none of them becoming concrete lately.  Besides the usual decorating, the baking almost remains the same, so I'll tell you about a tradition when my kids were little, that they loved.  I'd bake the usual rolled and cut sugar cookies, making several dozen early in the season, then stick them in the freezer.  On Christmas Eve day, I'd get them out to thaw.  We'd have an early dinner, and while they were eating, I'd start making icing in umpteen different colors, not just the primary ones.  And we had embellishments galore!  I'd clear our long pine table, spread it with butcher paper, set out the bowls of frosting, the sprinkles, etc. little spreaders, decorating bags and tips, the cookies, of course, and let them go to it!  I would frost a few myself, and oversee the production, oohing and aahing each delightful creation, and somehow during that time, one of Santa's elves would sneak into their bedrooms upstairs, and put new sheets on their beds, and new pj's folded at the foot.

After the cookies were all done, and most of the evening spent in laughter instead of hyper-stress, a quick bath to wash off multi-colored fingers (and faces), the ritual setting out of freshly decorated cookies and milk for Santa, pinning Dad's socks on the foot of their bed, and it was off to dreamland.  Until 5 a.m. lol

3. Are You A Black Friday Shopper?  Absolutely not! Please refer to above comments about holiday shopping! :-)

4. When Do You Put Up Your Tree?  Usually right after Thanksgiving.  If we are going to be home before Thanksgiving, but not having dinner here, then I will start doing some decorating before, simply because I do so much, and it seems to be taking me longer each year to do it! lol  This year didn't work out that way, but it was all done in time to enjoy it!

5. Do You Travel For Christmas, Or Stay Home?  Usually we stay home, and everyone gathers here. Two years ago, we had to be gone, returning the day before Christmas, so my older daughter had dinner at her home, which was very nice of her!

6. What Is Your Funniest Christmas Memory?   The year my younger daughter surprised us all, walking in dressed as Santa Claus.  She was in her 20's then, and my Granddaughter, who was about 2 at the time, really thought that it WAS Santa! She was so confused because we were laughing so hard, and we had to quickly reassure her, when Amy took her costume off, that Auntie was only pretending to be Santa.  And what is funny today, is when you look at the photos. The ones of her in her costume are funny enough, but she forgot to take off her white eyebrows, and in the other photos, in her sweater and jeans, she looks like she doesn't have eyebrows at all!

7. What Is Your Favorite Christmas Show?  This is a toughie, because I like so many of them, for different reasons.  I love the animated Grinch. I love the original one with the Snow Miser and Heat Miser.  I love British comedies, and we get out the Mr. Bean holiday shows, along with Are You Being Served?, and Keeping Up Appearances. My favorite old holiday movies are White Christmas, of course, A Christmas Story, the original Christmas in Connecticut, the original The Bishop's Wife.  But there are even more that we watch each year.

8. Do You Do Your Own Baking?  Yes. Lots of it!

9.  Artificial or Real Tree?  Artificial.  I loved the scent of a real tree, and would love to buy the potted ones to plant afterward, but we don't have room here for a forest.  I can't see cutting down a valuable asset to the environment, for my own pleasure for a few short days. I know the rationale behind tree farms, but not only don't the trees understand, but the birds, and small animals that use those trees for shelter and nesting don't understand either.. but this is just my own personal viewpoint, not shared by many, and that is ok. .I just do what is right for me.

10.  What day (as a Mom), does the panic set in?  Truthfully? Never, because I plan out each day, and enjoy the journey, not the destination.  I discovered a long time ago, that if you rush through all of the prep, in anticipation that one day be absolutely perfect, then not only are you missing out on all of the actual enjoyment in each step, but you set yourself up for a bigger post holiday let down.  And maybe it is because I do shop all year around. .even decorations, stopping at all year holiday shops. (I do the same for Halloween, too!). And when I realized that I enjoyed the baking, the decorating, sending out cards, the wrapping, etc. it extends the festive feeling, so no panic!

This year, because of time restrictions, and back pain, I felt a little more pressure, but I resigned myself to cutting back on some things that only mattered to me.  I got the most important things done, and that was fine.

Ok! There you have it!  It is too late for me to reasonably "tag" anyone, but if anyone wants to share their answers, just leave a comment that you are doing so, so we can all come check out your inner most holiday secrets! lol

Stay warm, stay safe, and have a great day!


  1. Loved this tag! You sound like a well organized gal, Suzie. One of my favorite Christmas movies is Christmas in Connecticut..but I think Miracle on 34th Street is my favorite of all. :)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday...on with 2010!!


    Michelle :)

  2. Great post! I'm too lazy to be tagged, lol. You definitely are organized!

  3. i am so glad to hear that someone else gets up as early as i do. people think i am crazy but i feel like i have lost the day if i get up past 5. it's my secret time. no noise. just peace and quiet in the kitchen. i can accomplish so much by the time everyone just begins to stir. just don't ever count on me to do anything after 8 in the evening!

  4. my food mill is rosle. it is very heavy duty. i don't like food mills in general. i only use them when i absolutely have to. i think my problem is that i expect them to do more than they actually so! i am sooooo jealous of all your snow! enjoy your soup!


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