Tuesday, January 12, 2010


The holidays must have gotten to me.  I took photos of my treasured chess set that my younger daughter got for me several years ago, and forgot to share them here.

This morning, Jaz, over at Octoberfarm, showed us her gorgeous set! I do love creative pieces as long as I can easily figure out which ones they are, when playing!  And hers is extra special. If you haven't already seen it, please go take a peek!

My son has several sets, one being a crystal and onyx abstract, that the same daughter got for him last year. (she seems to have a theme going for her gift purchasing!)  It is beautiful, but you spend a lot of time reminding yourself which form goes in what direction, and having to refigure your strategy.

No problem with this set! All festive, through and through. 

You have your Red players.

And your Green Team.

I love the board.

And a place to store the pieces.

My dislikes?  The Knights have a tendency to tip over, and at times, can knock nearby pieces into new squares. That can work for you, or against you!

Quirky thing that bothers me?  We all have had a laugh over how much larger in proportion, this designer made the Queen over any other character!  She reminds me of Fiona in Shrek!  :-)

But I love it, and moreover, what it represents.  Memories of late afternoon games between my son and daughter on Christmas, and especially the rare evening ones, when everyone has gone, and my daughter has stayed here longer, for whatever reason. We pour ourselves some wine, or a Kahlua & Cream to savor, and settle in for a relaxing holiday match.  Neither one of us gets to play a whole lot anymore, so it is pretty even, and lots of fun.

Do any of you have a special chess set too? I'd love to hear about it!

Wishing everyone a warm, cozy evening!


  1. This is really pretty and festive! I haven't played in so long - I'd definitely need a refresher!

  2. All hail Fiona, Queen of the Board! A lovely chess set.

  3. This is truly a beautiful chess set. The board is kind of busy, like a ball room dance floor. Young son and his dad play in the evenings, I do believe that it is a dragon set.


  4. I've never seen one like this! Very cool. I don't know how you can pack it away every year. I'd be so tempted to leave it out! :0)

  5. wow...i just saw your chess set. it is wonderful! i've never seen one like it before.

  6. How cool! My son always liked chess and when I traveled anywhere with my mom, I'd always try to get him one. He's killed a few (or lost some pieces), but some he still has and keeps. I have one in my living room sitting on a chair made of soapstone, I think. Love to find unusual ones. Yours is fantastic!

  7. STJ was here! We finally made it to check out your linking badge this month. Door Prize Winners announced on blog soon (from the 13th update). Hope you win!


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