Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Lights

Why is it, when I have the most to share, I don't have time to share it!  Maybe I should re-name my blog Cat In The Blue Moon! :-)  I only get to post on those special, rare occasions!

Since there is a Blue Moon appearing tomorrow night, I thought I would start catching up, by showing you the outdoor lights in my garden!

Aren't they pretty?  Actually as you have probably figured out, they are not in my garden, but in a park.  In my town, we have a bluff that is about a half mile long, that is a lofty perch over Lake Michigan and the river that runs into it.

Remember that old photo I had of my Grandparents in the header of my blog last Summer?  This is the very same park! 

We came out on a night after a cold rain that melted all of the snow. But if we were to venture out tonight, it would all be buried in white again, with a lot more on the way!

I found that the halogen lights are so lightweight, that even the slightest breeze will move them, and when you have this many, it is impossible to wait to take a photo when they are all still. 

And when the wind, not a breeze, but a wind, is blowing off of the lake at night, in December, it also gets too chilly to stand around waiting and hoping for a lull. 

Hopefully, I'll be able to go back and get some more photos before the lights come down for the season.

I also want to get some of the main shopping street, a block over, because it is decorated with the old fashioned lights in green garland, wound around the lamp posts.

But here in the park, every tree truck is wrapped, there are lighted arches every few feet, with large lighted snowflakes hanging from branches, or dancing over the ground.

In between, there are familiar faces, and animated figures!

The gazebos and shelters along the route are also covered in lights, as are every shrub and fence.

So we start at the South end, and meander our way up to the North end, where the generations old fountain is waiting for us!  The lights on it are continually moving downward, to mimic water falling, and the flakes take turns flashing, which makes them look like they are falling too. 

I hope that you have enjoyed your journey through the park with me!

Now it is time to head across the street to the warm restaurant for a bowl of their baked potato soup, which is SO good, and maybe later, a little hot buttered rum!  After all, it IS cold out!!


  1. Oh, these are SO pretty! I love the snowflakes!

    That baked potato soup sounds amazing!

  2. Love the lights Suzie! I really like the Frosty ones but they all are very pretty.

  3. Beautiful pics! I just love Christmas lights! Especially in the snow. Thank you for sharing with us. :0)

    Happy New Year!

  4. Those picture are breathtaking. The lights are probably on the top of my list of favorite things about the holiday.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Beautiful! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! :)

  6. Ooh, such pretty lights! I especially like the arches and the fountain!

    The baked potato soup sounds yummy... I think I'll have to make a pot of it, now that you mentioned it!

    Stay warm, and have a Happy New Year!



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