Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dept 56 Log Cabin Village

Living in a tourist haven creates a difficulty only other collectors can appreciate.  How to spread your dollars among all of the merchants who create Utopian environments to both ease your stresses, and heighten your delights!

I'm talking about year around Holiday Shops!!  What on earth did you think I was describing? Wait! Don't answer that! This is a G rated blog! :-)

For years, 5 such shops have successfully existed along the shoreline here in Michigan, in little towns just a few miles apart.  Each has their own personality, and specialities, and all are delightful.  And all sell Dept 56 village pieces.  Some had more elaborate displays than others, and another shop, The Townshop, down in Shipshewana, Indiana, has a HUGE display, but all make you feel like a kid again to see them set up!

I could never decide which village I like the best, so I never bought a piece. Silly, I know, but I could look at any one of them, and think of the direction that I would take it, and each had their own charm. It's that Libra in me again. .hard to make a decision!

Santa got so frustrated with me, he took matters into his own hands, and brought me a little tourist shop made to look like it is made out of logs.  The type of shop that you find up North, selling souvenirs and bait.  It made me think of the little settlement where we have some land up in the U.P.  Gatherings of similar buildings are common everywhere in the north, and have a unique charm. 

Then, the gifts started coming my way for birthdays, and Christmas's, and the log village grew.  Unfortunately when we moved, I no longer had room to spread the whole village out, so I now display it, as I did with my Halloween pieces, on my Baker's rack. 

Dept 56 is no longer making pieces in this series within a series, but I'm still looking for two more pieces. .the Fisherman's Nook Resort and the two cabins that go with it.  They are on my watch list on ebay! :-)  And coincidentally, there is another space left on the shelves, that is just perfect for them!

Unless someone wants to see any specific ones, I won't show each one individually, but this one is for my friend Pam. 

She and her hubby live in a log home, and she has her own green house too.  And like the people who live in this log and stone home, they love to feed the birds, and they are visited by skunks who come in to feed at night!  You can barely see the ones here, because they are buried in that snow blanket stuff that looks rather tacky. I'd love to use Mica, but with our cats, I'd be having a continual snowstorm inside the house!  I don't even want to think about the consequences! {shudder} :-)

I guess the villages feed a creative part of me though. And my inner child too, if I am to be honest. They make people smile when they see them on display, and that is exactly what they are supposed to do! 

Now, I guess I had better go get some more decorating done! Much to do, and so little time to do it!

Wishing everyone a great evening!


  1. I love these and they look wonderful on your baker's rack!

  2. The baker's rack is a great idea for showing off the village in a compact way! Gorgeous!

  3. Suzie, thank you so much for sharing your lovely displays. All your Chrissy goodness on this and your last blog has me drooling and wishing for a snowy Christmas!

  4. Love the village! It looks wonderful on that rack too!

  5. What a great idea for a baker's rack. Love your little cabins! ~ Sarah

  6. Suzie-

    I also love the Dept. 56 houses! I only have 4. Not much room to display them, but I love the idea of the baker's rack! It is hard to chose, since there are so many cute ones.

    Merry Christmas to you!



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