Saturday, December 5, 2009

Decorations Are Going Up!

We had to be gone until the day before Thanksgiving, and now I've got a pinched nerve in my back, so I feel sooooooo far behind, I many never catch up!  But I'm working on it.

A short time back I mentioned a book that I had recently read, "On Strike for Christmas" by Sheila Roberts, about a group of wives that go on strike to get ready for the holidays, and how their hubbies are amazed and challenged to get everything ready.

Well, now I'm having my own little chuckle, because of my limited movement, my own darling hubs is having to pitch in a lot more than he normally does.  He loves the decorated house, but is more of a reactive particpant, giving his opinions after the fact.  The most that I've even been able to get him to do is hang a few ornaments on the tree, as long as I'm doing it too, but then he quits after a few minutes, preferring to "watch". 

And a couple of years ago, he helped me decorate the sugar cookies, but I quickly caught on to him intentionally messing them up, or breaking off a piece, just so he could eat as many or more likely, more than he frosted! :-)

But this year, he is having to help me bring down boxes from upstairs, more up from the basement, lend a supporting arm to hang garland, etc. I'm still having to do the actual decorating, but he is doing the grunt work, and I've heard the words, "I had no idea. . " muttered more than once!  Wait until he realizes that he has to help me put everything away again!

This is the first year since we've lived here, that I have been able to completely decorate the front porch.  I've hung snowflakes in the windows each year, but that lent a festive look to the outside too. 
And because the porch, althought it is enclosed, is unheated, it was the first room to be dressed for the season.  Right now, it is darn cold out there!  It is currently 25 degrees, and the high for the day!
And in keeping with the frosty atmosphere, a lot of the decorations have snow embellishments on them or look pretty close to the real thing. 
I've still got a few things to go out there, like some of my Snow Village pieces, but the tree is up!  And before it started snowing, we had some sunny days, which made the tree sparkle from the tip to the bottom.  I wish that the camera would have captured every intricate nuance.

And at night, it sparkles like crystals on snow during a full moon. My own private Faerieland. 

Now I'm off to hang some garland and beads on the windows, then put up another tree! With a great deal of luck, I may get the main decorating done this weekend! (I know I'm dreaming, but humor me!)  Then I'll be able to sit here and finally catch up on everything that everyone else is doing!

Have a great weekend, and if you are in the North, keep warm!


  1. Beautiful snowflakes! Hope your back is better soon.

  2. I hope your back heals up soon! Everything looks enchanting and magical. We only got a dusting of snow over here. We need some more I'm sure it's coming soon! :)

  3. Oh your tree is lovely, I loved how it turned out.

    I love the snowflakes that you hung from the porch I bet it looks amazing.

    Have a wonderful weekend.



  4. Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you're better soon. I love your snowflakes and your tree. It's gorgeous!

  5. Hope that your back gets better soon. Back problems are no fun. I love the snowflakes! Your tree is gorgeous! We plan on getting ours up this weekend.


  6. Geeesh hon..hope your back is better soon!! Ackkk that feels horrid! Glad he is pitching in to help!
    Hon...your decorations are amazing..just beautiful..but I knew they would be..I remember your Halloween house!! The snowflakes are stunning!! Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  7. The snowflakes and decorations are lovely! The tree looks magical!

    Do take care of your back! It's good the hubby finally knows how much work all that decorating is - maybe he'll appreciate it (and YOU) more!

  8. Take it easy & don't over do. Your decorations look lovely. I imagine your house enjoys being all dressed up for the Holidays. :0)

  9. Look after yourself....the decorating can wait. Your tree is stunning and the snowflakes are glorious.

  10. Oh, I just found your blog tonight and am loving the way you write and subjects. How do I sign up to receive your updates? And do you sell crafts? Where? This has been a real treat tonight and I dont want to miss you in the future!

  11. I have tagged you in a game of christmas tag, my tag blog will be posted tomorrow.

  12. Love, love this blog template! I am planning to use it myself!

    Please, oh, please share how you got the snow falling within your blog..i cannot seem to find the site!

  13. was here! We saw our linking badge on your blog! How cool! Hope you win a door prize!! Winners announced tonight! Thanks bunches and see you again next month ;)


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