Monday, November 2, 2009

The Witch's Village

What I call the Witch's Village is so much fun, but being honest, sadly I didn't set it up this year.

One of our cats that had spent his first 4 years of his life living in the wild, came inside in the Spring, and has made a fantastic adjustment to living the luxury life of a totally indoor cat.  However, he is still extremely curious. along with being extremely bold and lightning fast. Not a good combination for a village with lots of delicate, moving parts!

I also don't have nighttime shots of this village. Not that I haven't tried, and will do so again next year when I set it up. (Hopefully with a new house that I want to get to add to it!) But there are many flashing and moving lights in these buildings, making a good photograph of it as a whole, nearly impossible to do.

Ahhhh, good! The Dept 56 site is working again. The link will take you to their Halloween Village page, but from there, you can see all of the other village pieces too.

My Witch's Village also has ghosts, but only Witches would live in harmony with Spirits, so even though it is a touch on the spooky side, everyone is very friendly!  And don't mind the run down look of their homes. As anyone who lives in a semi-restored Victorian, knows, that is normal! lol  Think of the Addams family living next door to the Munsters!

In this first photo, there is a little Crone sitting out on a balcony of the first home/shop.  She rocks in a chair, which makes creaking noises (this is a very noisy village too!).  The lights that border the shop window are orange and purple, and flash on and off.  The little shop next door, also has lights in the window, and a fiber optic tree just behind it.  The Hocus Pocus shop lights up, and has a button that you push to have your fortune told!  The building on the extreme right has bats circling above. 

The hedge eyeballs light up, and look SO cute at night!  Nearly all of the JOL's light up as well.  It is hard to see her in this photo, but there is a Witch stuck in the top of one of the trees, her broom jammed between branches.  She really took the tumble hard, her head swiveling around and around on her shoulders, poor thing.  And just beneath her, is another Witch stirring her cauldron, not manually of course! Casting her spell, the spoon goes round and around in the pulsing, greenish glowing "soup".

In this photo, the two mansions that are hidden by the trees both light up, with both solid and flashing lights, accompanied by screams and moaning. (the sound can be, and is turned off most of the time! lol).  The house on the right is the first Halloween house that was introduced.  It has a clear plastic drum inside, with ghosts painted in black. There is a light in the middle, and when it is plugged in, the drum rotates, making the shadows of the ghosts float across the windows! Pretty cool!  The gated garden is full of light JOL's, skulls and other glowing lights.

In this last one, you can see the garden a little better.  The haunted house and barn also have lights, and sound, which also turns off.  And another poor Witchie has run into a tree.  Perhaps they should have attended the Witch's Flying School that I received for my Birthday, but hasn't been displayed yet.  It has a young Witch In Training, flying around and around on her broom above a thatched roof hut type of building.  I also got another Witch, who is a lot more adept on her broom, also flying from a little base of lighted JOL's and shrubbery.  I'm going to have to space those pieces out so that they don't collide!

Ok. .is anyone making their wish list yet?


  1. OH boy, that tempts me SO !! I have nowhere to set up the village of my dreams, so I have to live vicariously through others right now, lol.

  2. Wow! I love your village- it is so cute and spooky looking! It reminds me of one my mom had (has?) for Christmas with Disney characters in it.

  3. You have a terrific collection! Would love to see it all set up and moving. How exciting it must be to put it all together. OK I am drooling now.....


  4. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures and descriptions of your villages. It was like I was right there looking at them. I don't know how you could not leave them up year round (other than the Kitty(s) getting into them)......


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