Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Visit To A Halloween Fall Festival!

Halloween wouldn't be complete without visiting a Halloween Fall Festival, even if it is through a blog, and in our imaginations.

This is the last of my Halloween villages, and the one that my daughter, who had her 40th birthday this year, says that she wishes that she could shrink down, and live in this village. I don't blame her.  It has the atmosphere that I absolutely love in Autumn, and when the afternoon sun shines through it, you can almost smell the apples, and the burning leaves wafting through the crisp air.

Then at night, when the lights are on, it brings out new detail. .the little JOL's are SO cute! I can't have enough of them! lol

A Few years ago, Dept 56 diverted a bit from their normal Snow Village pieces that have ceramic "snow" on them, to make one Autumn piece a year.  This year, it is a corn maze, that I haven't gotten yet. I wasn't able to get to my favorite shop to buy it yet, but intend to do so in time to set it up next year! In past years, they have offered an apple stand, a fall produce stand, and a scarecrow festival shop that sells jams and jellies.

For this village, I combined the Autumn pieces, with the not so spooky pieces from their Halloween Village.  There are some houses that aren't haunted, just decorated for the holiday, a Gypsy Fortune Teller's trailer, and combined costume shop, a rather elaborate Pumpkin Carver's shop, and even the water tower is a huge Jack O Lantern in the sky!

Once again, I tried taking photos in the daytime, but they don't show the magic.  Nighttime ones lose detail.  I tried taking some with just lamplight, to try and find a happy medium.  But even then, I'm not satisfied. I'll keep trying, but in the meantime, you can get a little sample to give you ideas of what you can do with your village pieces!

It is now time to pack most of these pieces away for another year.  I remove the ones that are definitely "Halloween", and rearrange the ones that are "Autumn".

There is a house, that I didn't picture here, because it was a little hard to get to with the camera, but it is their one Thanksgiving house, complete with a full Turkey dinner on the dining room table, that can be seen through the front windows.  I always add it to my Halloween village, but keep it in the back, and decorate it with a couple of strings of the JOL lights that are battery powered. 

For Thanksgiving, I remove the lights, move the house front and center, and put the produce stands around it, along with all of the Fall trees.  For a more natural look, I include some of my evergreens that don't have snow on them.  Some years, I would include some birchs and bare limbed maples that were frosted, and would sprinkle a few mica snowflakes on top of the loose leaves, since we often have a dusting here in November.  But it was too hard to separate the leaves afterward, so I haven't done that lately! lol

But this year, it is all being packed away. I'm not decorating for Thanksgiving for several reasons, but mostly because my hubs has asked if we (meaning me! lol) can start putting up our Yuletide decorations.  I know that there will be complaints from people we know about ignoring Thanksgiving, but that isn't the case. 

So, I'm going to be packing things away, and slowly getting the garland and lights ready!  I always enjoy the holiday journey more than the actual days of celebration anyway, so this year, I'll be dancing each day for a loooong time! lol

Thank you for visiting my Fall Festival!


  1. Oh what a wonderful Halloween village, how fun it would be to live in that little village. I love it. So magical.

    Have a great day.


  2. Those tiny jack-o-lanterns are just too, too adorable!

  3. This is lovely! The detail is amazing and I really like how the little villagers get to enjoy their own fall festival.

  4. I would definitely live in that village too! These are just wonderful - I've never seen such a great collection!


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