Sunday, November 1, 2009

There Is Still Magic In The Air!

Last night was not the ideal night for Trick or Treating, or for putting out most of our outdoor decorations.  I had spent a couple of hours, putting the paper lanterns together, putting the paper lanterns that go on over the strings of light together, and gathering the various other props and decorations that I put outside, only to be met with dark clouds spitting rain all day.  With the temperature dropping, and counting the Juncos that turned up at the feeders, I wouldn't have been surprised if we would have seen snowflakes coming down!

We have limited time for Trick or Treating, from 6 - 7:30, and we only had a fraction of what we normally have.  It could have been the weather, the flu that has been going around, or that our town had their Halloween festival, with various contests, like the pumpkin carving, and dog costume contest, plus the big parade, with any child who is dressed in a costume, taking part, followed by door to door trick or treating with the merchants, which is a big deal!  With the cold fresh air off of the lake, and all of that candy and excitment, going trick or treating may have just been too much of a good thing on one day.  So I was rather bummed.

I had been feeling increasingly down because Halloween was coming to an end for this year, and I'm not ready to let it go. So I decided to try and catch up on some blog reading.  That didn't help..I kept seeing all sorts of wonderful, beautiful, and fun Halloween blogs.  During my journey, I happened upon Sarah's blog, Hyacinth For The Soul  where I saw the most delightful little Witch riding her bicycle, with a cat in the basket! I left word in Sarah's comments about how much I loved that piece!

Lo and behold, in this morning's e-mail, Sarah was so kind, as to send me the info about where she got it.  Not only the store, but the phone number as well!  My heart swelled at the thoughfulness that she had given me, and was excited as well, at the prospect of getting one of the little witch, for myself!

As things happen during the day, ordinary run of the mill things step in and eat up lots of time.  I found that I had to make an unscheduled run to the grocery store, and since I was still feeling rather down about Halloween being over, I thought that I'd make a stop at our local year around Christmas Shop.  I could pick up an ornament for my Granddaughter, and perhaps pull myself out of my doldrums.  THEN I remembered that the have a small, but selective display of Halloween items each year.  The women that own the shop have an excellent eye, and always managed to find a number of exceptional pieces.

My heart always races a little faster when I set foot through their door. It is like entering your own private fantasy holiday village. Soft music, glittering lights, tree after tree full of beautiful ornaments, tableau's, collectibles, plus holiday tea pots, cookie plates,and other specialty items.

So I ventured past tree after tree, ooohing and aaaahing. I found an ornament that I think that my Granddaughter will like, and a couple of ornaments for our own snow and ice tree (you'll see it later in the year).  Suddenly, in my meanderings, I found myself in their Halloween corner! Yes, a lot was already gone, and there was a nice generous sale sign on everything Halloween! 

I saw several Witch dolls, all very cute, and with their own personalities, but what finally sold me on Orma, was her hat and her hair, plus she is close friends with an Owl.  She is another Joe Spencer piece, and is so well done! I'm very happy to have her home with me!

I also picked up a tiny little Halloween ornie, but when I got home, the shop had called, saying that he never made it into the bag, but she was putting a note on him, saying that he is mine, that he is paid for, so I have to go back and pick him up tomorrow.

Oh yes. .one more thing. .and I'm sure that you know where I'm heading here. I rounded the corner, and there in the middle of a shelf, right at eye level, in between some other Halloween decor, sits Ms. Witch, on her bicycle, with her cat in the basket!!  Yes!!  Sarah told me about hers that she got in Houston, Texas, how that they are hand made, so each one is slightly different, and I found mine in a small shop here in Michigan!  Wow! What are the chances of that? 

I told the women who own the shop (they know me by name! lol) the story, and they both said that it was meant to be that she was mine to bring home!  She is the only one like her that they bought, and while many people picked her up, they always put her back,and they couldn't figure out why.  They know how much I cherish my treasures, and are very happy that she has a good home!

I still can't quite get over the surprise and mystery of what has happened.  And while I still can't quite get past feeling down about Halloween being over, I'm finding some comfort in the transition into the Yuletide season now.  Maybe I had to find my little Witch first. I like to think so.

I hope that the magic continues in your lives too!!


  1. Oh I love your new additions! They are both so wicked. She was meant for you to find her and you did. They would sit out in my home all year long.


  2. I am sad that Halloween is coming to a close as well. Sorry to hear that the trick or treaters where slim compaired to the previous year, we experienced the similiar situation this year, and when we went out trick or treating not as many porch lights were on, kind of sad. I love the little witch on the bicycle your right she is a darling find.


  3. How fortuitious that you found her! She was definitely meant to be yours!

    Feeling the "day-after-Halloween blues" too - or maybe it's just this darn cold...

    Here's to more celebrating ahead as Yule approaches!

  4. Sometimes I like to leave Halloween decorations up for a while, especially anything "witchy"! I can't blame you for not being ready to let it go just yet.

  5. What a sweet story....Yes, she was definitely meant to go home with You! And may the Magick continue for you as well!


  6. Well, I'm thrilled you found your Witch on her bicycle. Don't you just marvel at the serendipity of life? I think your other witch is pretty marvelous as well.
    I haven't packed up my Halloween decorations yet. Perhaps tomorrow, but I'm not in a huge hurry. Like you, I hate to see the season rush past us, though a friend wrote today that it is now turkey time. What goodies do you have for the month of November?
    Happy Day to you. I'm so happy to have found your blog. ~ Sarah


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