Sunday, November 8, 2009

Some Changes In The Wind

Yes, with the changing of the seasons, the winds are shifting, causing a slight shift here as well.

For whatever the reasons, as I've mentioned, I've had a hard time letting go of Halloween this year, and the more I thought about it, I realized that I didn't have to.

Does this photo look familiar?  It is of one of my garden benches on Halloween, a couple of years ago.  It was also the header photo of my blog during the celebration of Halloween.  And, now if you click HERE, you'll find it again! 

Yes! I'm going to have a blog dedicated to Halloween.  This blog will flow with the year's changes, while that one will remain rooted in all things Black, and Orange, mysterious and fun. 

There may be some overlap from time to time, but I'll try and keep each one as separate as I can. 

I do hope that you'll come over and keep me company there from time to time. I truly enjoy reading your comments, and hearing your experiences!

If you click on the link above, you'll see Sorceress Kitty at her spooky, glowing eyed best, and find out what happened in my garden this afternoon!  I hope to see you there!  And here!

Wishing you all a spectacular week!


  1. Oooo wonderful idea!! I looove it! Off to look....

  2. I'm over there and btw, there are a number of skulls and pumpkins fully displayed in my house year round! :)

  3. A great idea! I have lots of "Halloween" decorations up at my house year round.


  4. How wonderful!! {{claps hands}}
    Who says Halloween can't be celebrated year round!?


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