Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pirate Bayou

I have four different Halloween villages that I put up each year.  One is really just a grouping of Victorian pieces that Dept. 56 put out in their short lived All Hallows Eve series. 

Now I've stopped getting more large pieces, due to the horrendous price increases, and a lack of both storage and display spaces. But I've learned too that the cute factor increases with the little detail work.

It is hard to capture the uniqueness of miniature villages with a camera, unless you have studio lights, (I gave mine to my son), and even then, the magic is missing.  You need to see them in subdued light, so you can see the details, but all of the lights show up in fine defnition too.

So you'll have to use your imagination to enhance these settings.

This one is Hubs favorite.  It is a very dark setting, buy it's nature. Only the lighthouse, which isn't shown in it's full height, unfortunately, (The photographer must not been paying attention! Shame on her! lol) and the Mill have any true lights. The others come from lanterns, JOL's, campfires and such. 

Although you can't see it here, the mist and fog is rising off of a shiny, reflective water surface, and if you look carefully, you'll see the captain in his rowboat fishing. .he has a pink (pink? maybe it has faded over the centuries) feather plume in his hat.  And you'll see his crew grilling a fish over a campfire, swinging, sitting on a park bench, fishing off of the Mill porch, and hiding in a few other places.  Another crew member found his way to the Bayou this year. .he is lazing in a hammock, but he arrived to late to take part in their Halloween haunt He says that he'll make up for it next year!

My villages are small in comparison to some that I've seen, but they are still fun to set up, and to let your imagination carry you away!


  1. These are beautiful. To be honest, I had no idea that Halloween villages existed! Of course I've seen the Charles Dickens and similar Christmas scenes.

    Now I MUST have a Halloween village. Or two... Or more!

  2. I love mini villages, but don't have any myself. Your Halloween ones are great -- very spooky!

  3. These are great fun. I haven't seen many of the haunted villages, just the Christmas villages. These are fun. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  4. How fun! Do you set them up the same way every year?

  5. Oh oh oh I love this hon...I wish I still had some of these! Used to!! Wonderful creepy cool! Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  6. WOW! That is some display you have. So much fun! Thanks for sharing, love the pictures.



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