Monday, November 16, 2009

On Strike For Christmas!

I thought that might get your attention! And no, I'm not going on strike for Christmas or Yule, or any other holiday, but wanted to share the title of a book I just read.

Normally, I don't make book recommendations unless I truly know what the person likes, or is seeking, but I just hopped over to Sarah's Cottage Garden Studio, as I do each Monday morning (a very nice tradition!) to join in her quilting bee, and nibble on some fantastic treats that she always has laid out for us.

This morning, she is talking about Holiday Traditions, something that has been on my own mind lately, and brought more into focus with a humorous book that I just finished.

On Strike For Christmas, by Sheila Roberts, is a lighthearted story of a group of women, each for their own reason, goes on strike, getting ready for the holidays, and their husbands are forced to take over.  This isn't a torrid romance novel, but there is love in the air, with a warm hearted ending.  Any woman, or man, for that matter, who has always done everything to get ready for the holidays, will get a few laughs, and will relate to the women in this book. 

Sarah mentions that her hubby is going to bake this year, and she is going to go put her feet up and watch Harry Potter.  Well, the movie may be different, but that is exactly what one of the women does! Sarah, did you read this book too?  :-)

More on my own traditions later. Right now, I'm off to finish baking a new-to-me cookie recipe. Results to follow later!

Wishing everyone a very festive day!


  1. Sounds like a fun book to read. Looking forward to hearing about your cookies.


  2. LOL Suzie.I love you!! Thank you for the mention! Giggle..on strike..well kinda...I love the book..can't wait to read it! You and I have the same taste in reading!!
    I have been doing all of the holiday stuff for 30 years..I find myself burned out on the baking thing..seriously do not want to decorate cookies..unless I don't have to bake them make the frosting, shop and clean up..will let Jim this year..whoo hoo!! Wonderful post hon!!
    In terms of the gift giving..I never mind store bought..I agree not everyone is into the gift giving. I think I meant hurts me when the people close to me don't take the time to give anything at all. Even a card. That hurts me. I have learned to treat myself on those days rather than get all bent.
    Have a wonderful Monday hon..I am so blessed to have met you!! Hugs, Sarah

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation Suzie! about those cookies;0 (why can't we be neighbors??!!)

  4. I've seen this book! Interesting and I need some Christmas books to read :)

  5. Wow that sounds like an interesting read, I will check into getting that one. What fun.

    God bless


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