Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Sorceress Kitty

I've had several people ask about my Sorceress Kitty that I showed you during my Halloween Tour.

She was gifted to me by my daughter and daughter in law for my Birthday, several years ago.  I saw her at the Ren Fest, and fell in love with her.  They went back the next day (sooo sneaky!), and bought her for me.

She is made by Melody Pena Windstone Editions.  They have a website so you can see all that they make.  There are some really neat dragons, and Oh! A NEW Wizard Kitty!

And something else that is really cool! They offer a number of pieces that you can paint, yourself! Now how much fun THAT would be!!! 

Here is their website if you want to go exploring! 

They also have a blog,

Have fun, and let me know what you have put on your wish list!


  1. You are most blessed to have such wonderful girls as those two! Your sorceress kitty is so adorable! :0)
    And thank you for the links. Must go see...

  2. Suzie what a great gift from the daughter and daughter inlaw. Its a cute little kitty.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Don't you just love it when those you love pick up on something special that you would love to have and then surprise you with it? Three cheers for your daughter and daughter-in-law. Your sorceress kitty is adorable. Thanks for the link.
    Sadly all my Halloween is now packed away and back up in the attic. Of course a few turkeys have found their way into the limelight now. ~ Sarah

  4. Windstone makes beautiful stuff! Love your Wizard Kitty, especially his glass eyes! I bought their Circle of Cats candle centrepiece many, many years ago and it is still one of my favourite decorative pieces!

  5. I adore the Pena figures, especially the Bat-Winged Cats! I have collected them for a while. Your Sorceress Kitty is precious.

  6. Holy! I love this blog lay out! Totally awesome! I absolutely love it!

  7. I have ALMOST every other Pena Windstone entire hearth is covered, but i DONT have that one!!!!! love it


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