Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Tour Coming To A Close

It is hard for me to have to face up to it, but the Halloween tour this year is coming to a close.  Time to turn off the lights, and lovingly tuck everything away in nests of tissue paper.

I know people who have rooms in their homes dedicated to year around Christmas, leaving decorated trees up, along with complete Yuletide decor.  Maybe I should have a Halloween room! It is worth thinking about!

As you leave, you'll be going through the front porch, which has now dried off, so you don't have to worry about where you step.

This sturdy pumpkin is carved out of one piece of wood.  No, the nutcracker is not Halloween, but one must show some sort of school spirit! (Go Spartans!)

And some soft pillows. I do love textiles!

These are assorted pumpkins that I would normally keep out over Thanksgiving too.  And, I've been known to turn a JOL around so that the face doesn't show, to use it for Fall decoration.

A view of part of our porch that was originally open, and wrapped around the side. A some point, it was remuddled, shortened, and enclosed.  The wicker furniture is all vintage that I've gotten at seasonal outdoor antique markets.

And, I have a Baker's Rack (not vintage) on the front porch that is a neat spot for displaying the rest of my Halloween collection. Most of the pieces are wood, or papier mache.

I do hope that you have enjoyed the tour. I certainly enjoyed you stopping by, and hope that you'll return again!

Have a great evening!!


  1. You have a wonderful collection! Just beautiful and yes, I would make a room to display all of the wonderful decorations that you have.


  2. The bakers rack is a great display idea.

  3. What a perfectly charming home you have! :)

  4. All looks Great !!! Did you make the Owl & Cat pillows?? I love those !!!

  5. I love your halloween spirit. Your photos are awesome. =)

  6. The porch looks so comfy. Hope it all dried out.
    Can't wait to see all your yule decorations out there next.

  7. What a glorious and fun collection! I see absolutely nothing wrong with leaving it out year round! It all looks so at home there. :0)

    Thank you so much for a fun tour.

  8. Oh hon...I adore your collection..I knew there were lots of reasons I adore you..one is..we love the same things..wow girl - wonderful!!
    I am finally posting your award..thank you again hon!!
    Hugs, Sarah
    BTW..OMG your blog is stunning!!!

  9. Your blog music and Autumn theme is WONDERFUL!!!, I feel the same about Halloween....


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