Monday, November 2, 2009

Dept 56 Sleepy Hallow-een & Sleepy Hollow

I was just doing a quick look-see on the Dept 56 website, and they now are showing their new series of Legends of Sleepy Hallow-een.  I knew that this series was coming out, but haven't personally seen it yet.  Right now, there are 4 pieces available, including the Headless Horseman, himself!  These look to be a little smaller in scale than some of the other villages. And, they are priced accordingly, much more reasonable than some of the other series buildings. 

Not to be confusing, but there is also a number of Sleepy Hollow pieces included in the New England Village.  They aren't separated out, so you have to search for them, but they have among others, Incabod Crane's house, the VonTassel's, etc. including some of the figures from the story, but I don't know if they have made an actual Headless Horseman or not. I've never seen one.  If you go to ebay, you can see some of the pieces that are available, or search on the Dept 56 site.  They are of a different style, not so fanciful, but more realistic as to the style of homes and buildings built during that time period.

As much as I love that story, I hadn't invested in any of the New England pieces, for fear of wanting to add more to that village too! lol  But now that they have the Sleepy Hallow-een pieces, and can have an actual Horseman too, I may just have to find another spot for another small tableau. .just a litte one. . .

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  1. I love all the pics of your villages! They are amazing! Do be sure to show us your Christmas village, when you have it out on display!

    I was gifted with an Autmn village, and I love it! I think I would pick the witchy village or the Sleepy Hollow one if I were to get more....which I may just have to do!


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