Monday, November 2, 2009

All Hallows Eve

Good Morning!

I have a few minutes before leaving for my annual mammogram (I hope that everyone has had one, or has made their appointment!), so I thought that I'd post one lonely photo of my All Hallows Eve buildings.  There are so few, you can't even call it a village.  There are a lot of reasons why Dept. 56 didn't continue with some more pieces in this line, but whatever it was, I was disappointed.

In answer to a few questions that I've gotten regarding my village pieces, I had oooh'd and aaaah'd over the various village series for years, but had never started getting any for myself.  I think the Libra in me made it impossible to pick the series that I liked the best.  Each one has its own charm and magic.

Then about 20 years ago, my younger daughter bought one winter piece, following my hub's instructions to "pick out one your Mother would like", and that was it.  You can't have just one building! lol Well, you can, but it looks rather lonely.

THEN, they introduced the Halloween Village, and that was both my daughter's and my downfall! lol  Every time we would go down to Shipshewana, in Indiana, we would go to The Town Shop first, and come out loaded with huge black bags, overflowing with boxes and accessories.  And they don't play fair.  They have a huge display area, with all of the current pieces arranged in the most enticing villages.  Photos, even on the Dept 56 website, don't do them justice.  Hmmm, I was going to put a link to their page, but it won't come up. They must be having some problems, or are changing features. 

They normally list all of their current village pieces, and the retired ones, too.  You can find retired pieces on ebay.  Just put Dept 56 Halloween in the search, and get comfy.  You'll be seeing a lot of wonderful pieces!  There is also a Dept 56 group on Yahoo groups.  These people are a wonderful source of ideas for displaying, and have conventions during the year too. I've never been to one, but from what they say, and the photos that they share, it looks like a lot of fun.

In the past, they have introduced new pieces twice during the year, and they will retire pieces at the same time. There is always a lot of speculation as to what will be retired, and what won't, and a lot of hope as to what new pieces will be added. 

Currently, in the Halloween line, they brought out a haunted railroad station last year, and the locomotive.  This season, they introduced another car for the train, along with some other spooky buildings, and a lot of accessories.

As for my own village setups, there are some things that I do the same each year, but I always try to improve on it, adding things, and tweaking. That is part of the fun.  I actually had to form several different "types" of villages, due to space restrictions. I just don't have the room for one big layout.  But that spreads the magic around from room to room, that way. 

One thing that you won't see in my villages, with the exception of the All Hallows Eve, are the people.  For some reason, they are totally out of proportion with the buildings, which really bothers me. Fortunately that is only a personal thing, and it certainly doesn't bother most people. My daughter loves the people, and has bought more of them, than anything else! lol They do make a lot of them, doing all sorts of things that I'd love to add. .if it weren't that scale thing glaring out at me! lol

If I can be of any help in you getting started with your village, please just write, and I'll help you all that I can!  And if you do get started, please share what you've gotten, and post photos of your display! It is a lot of fun!


  1. Well, it may not be enough buildings for a village, but it's enough for a charming hamlet!

  2. I'll be making an appointment for my first mammogram soon - right after my 35th birthday. My mom had breast cancer, so the docs have told me for years now that I have to start at 35. I'm fine with that!

    Thanks for the info on the gorgeous Halloween villages. I wonder if off-season sales are possible too. LOL

    As for your grouping of buildings, I would definitely consider it a small village or hamlet!


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