Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some More Halloween Decorations

I guess I have more decorations than I realized!  I have an Amish made, Hoosier type cabinet, and these are the decorations that are now taking up residence on it.

A few ornaments to hang from the various door and drawer knobs:

Papier Mache Man In The Moon

Paper Clay Pumpkin Woman with her Black Kitty. 

A tiny Papier Mache Pumpkin bucket.

Adjacent Paper Clay Pumpkin Man with his Lantern and a Fabric Painted Witch's shoe.

And a little goblin with rope arms and legs!

Hmmm, I'm going to have to post more photos later. For some reason, the photos are coming out sideways on the blog, even though they are correct in the preview.

Maybe the goblins are practicing up for their big night!  Spooky!!!!

Everyone have a great evening!


  1. Awww.... these are so cute! I love the Man in the Moon and the Pumpkin Woman:)
    I had the same thing happen one day with the side ways photo. It was strange. Some blogger goblin for sure!

  2. these are all so cute... I love them... it does sound like you are being haunted via your blog... hope you get your photos up tomorrow.. cant wait to see them

  3. They're all just adorable! :0)

  4. Wow you have a great collection! I really love that moon!:)

  5. Love them - especially the pumpkin man with the lantern - so cute!

  6. Wow - you have a ton of decorations - one of a kind, too.


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