Monday, October 26, 2009

New Funkins Are Done!

That dessert must have been the magic incentive, because the third Funkin was finished in record time!

Now, these are in no particular order, but I want you to figure out which pattern I picked out for him to carve.  And to give you a little clue. .I may keep "mine" out all year around! lol

Although he hasn't said, I think that the Eagle is my hubby's favorite one this year.  It did come out quite smashing! Oops! I guess I shouldn't use that term when speaking of pumpkins! It makes them sweat!

Here are the other two that he carved this year.  He also said that he may not be so ambitious next year.

Then, I reminded him that we still have a number of empty windows to fill, to which he replied, that I had better get busy! lol

But he does SUCH a good job!!

Ok. there you have them!  Which pattern did I pick out?  How well do you know me? lol

May you all have as much fun with your JOL's as we do with ours!!

Oh! And if you live in apartment, carve one and put on your table, for you to enjoy. I speak from experience, it will make you smile!


  1. OMG, those are FABU !!!! I'm going to go with you picking out Johnny?? He's awesome, and I love the werewolf too. I might need to up my Funkin stash..........

  2. They are all superb! He does quite an excellent job. Do you hire him out???

    I have to agree with Tammy - I think you picked Johnny (he's so dreamy...).
    My fav is the werewolf. Excellent job!

  3. OMG he is quite talented... I think the Eagle is quite good myself... A Patriotic Halloween... love it....

  4. He has out done himself with these! They are truly awesome! The werewolf is my favorite.


  5. Wow - those rock! Your hubby is talented. It's so nice of him to share you with Johnny!

  6. I've never heard of anything like a funkin before, but I have to say your husband's work is incredible! I like the idea of being able to keep them from year to year. The one my nephew carved earlier in the month is already about rotten. =S Thank you for sharing!


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