Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Own Private Ghoultide!!

I was so disappointed to not be able to go to Ghoultide this year, but it was for a good reason.  And it was while we were away, that a backup plan formed in the recesses of my wicked little mind. 

There is a shop about an hour away from me, that puts out quite a display of Halloween Art each year, and I had hoped to get back there to buy one or two more pieces before the Big Night, but one thing after another had kept me from going.

Then today, we were supposed to go to a Pumpkin/Apple/Corn Maze, etc. place with our older daughter who lives in another town about an hour away,the other direction, but due to her busy schedule, we switched it to tomorrow.

Weather was wet and dotted with snow, so working out in the garden wasn't too practical. .what to do. .all geared up to do something. .aha!!! THE perfect time to go Halloween shopping! 

Hubby actually gave up watching part of a football game, although he did listen to it on the radio, to ride along with me.  The Fall colors are at their peak now, and with the dark layers upon layers of clouds behind them, they looked so beautiful!  It was a perfect day for a nice scenic drive! Everything was turning out SO well!!!

But when I entered the shop through the back door, my heart went up into my throat because the display shelves that were full of Halloween art the last time I was there in September, were now full of floral arrangements! Gulp!!

Fearfully creeping further into the shop, I was tentively relieved to find that there were still four display areas with the remainder of what had been wall to wall Halloween decor.  Hurridly glancing around, a peacefulness draped over me, right before the adrenaline hit!  Fortunately for me, or unfortunately, I still found piece after piece that I would have loved to have brought home with me.  I could see that decision making was going to be hard. .that is, until I happened upon one free standing round table.

There smiling at me, was a gorgeous tall, Pumpkin Man, created by Greg Guedel for Bethany Lowe, with the cutest little glittery top hat. . I KNEW that he was wanting to come home with me! 

But then, my eyes laid upon another piece that I knew I couldn't pass by.  Besides Halloween cats, I love Halloween Owls, and this one was SO adorable. .what to do, what to do. 

It was then, that my Spirit Guide, with a sigh of exasperation so loud, I heard it, grabbed either side of my head with both hands and turned it toward this huge sign that said that all Halloween was 30% off!! Well!!  That painted a whole different picture!!

So, bursting with happiness, and a smile a mile wide, I weaved my way to the counter to pay for my two purchases.  On my way, this softest of soft pillows threw herself at me, wrapped herself around my neck, and wouldn't let me leave unless I took her along.  Not wanting to make a scene,and as charming as this shop is, I really didn't want to be shut up in there forever, so what was I to do?  Besides, now I know why the nights have been so dark.  She has been shut up in the shop!!

Oh, and whoooooo created my Owl Wizard, sitting on the Moon?  Scott Smith/Rucus Studio.  The artist who created that Cat Pirate Doll on the cover of the current issue of Art Doll Quarterly magazine.  I am SO happy to have one of his designs! (And yes, he did sell that Cat Pirate at Halloween & Vine, a few weeks ago. I hope that person knows how lucky they are to have gotten it!)

Bringing home my new treats, I feel like I made up for not getting to Ghoultide after all!

Changing directions just a bit, have you been checking out all of the festivities over at Mrs. B's, 31 Days of Halloween?  If not, then you are missing something very special!

Also, if you have always wanted to go to Salem, Mass, but haven't made the quest, or if you have and you would like a trip down memory lane, then you might want to check out Jaz's blog, Octoberfarm.  She not only loves to find bargains at thrift stores, to turn into Halloween decorations, but she is now touring Salem, and is sharing a wealth of gorgeous photos of her journey!  Combined with her narrative, it eases the pain of not being there in person.  Go check out what both of these women are doing!

Wishing everyone a glorious weekend, doing something that you love!


  1. Those are adorable, no wonder you couldn't leave without them!
    The owl is just awesome.

  2. I love your pumpkin man! Can't pass up 30% off!

  3. Oh oh oh how fun Suzie!! I just love the owl wizard - OMG I looove it!! Thanks for popping by my party yesterday - whoo hoo was fun - but I am exhausted!! Hugs to you, Sarah

  4. I love the pillow! They are all wonderful and 30% off makes them so much more fun.

  5. And you know how much I love that song.

  6. What awesome finds, wonderful anyway but at 30% off no wonder you couldn't pass them up. My favorite is the Owl, he's fantastic.

  7. Such wonderful finds! I imagine it was like finding a treasure! The owl on the moon is so adorable! :0)


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