Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mother Nature Played A Trick On Me!

Have you ever noticed that Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor sometimes? I think that she just loves to remind everyone that, try as they might, no human can control her! She does what she wants, whenever she wants to, and we lowly mortals have to deal with it, the best way that we know how.

In comparison to the disasters that others have had, ours is a little "drop in the bucket", pardon the pun, but it is bothersome, and is going to cost us some money.

We had hard rain and high winds for over 24 hours, and I found out that the new roof that we had put on 5 years ago, is leaking all over our enclosed porch. I went out yesterday morning, to take photos of my Halloween decorations, and was met with glistening puddles and a multitude of drips from the ceiling, and mini waterfalls cascading down the wall, where the porch meets the house.  I could also hear the water running between the walls, which isn't good.  Hubs called the roofer yesterday.  And I've got some cleaning and drying up to do this morning.  The photos will be delayed a bit.

But I do have some other, miscellaneous Halloween decorations to share. Just little things here and there.

My favorite kitchen towels reflect my love of Vintage Halloween.

And this is a candle box.

My Granddaughter gave me this piece, years ago, bought with her own money at their grade school Fall Festival.  Even with the little stain, that she never noticed, it is a treasure to me.

This is my collection of votive candles.  The paper lantern on the right is an oldie, and very fragile.  That is one of those battery powered lights inside. I'd never risk using a real candle.

And, I have a few old Beistle, Dennison or Juhrs paper decorations. I just love the style of the graphics!

This one is a stand up greeting card. The JOL's facial features have been punched out.

Ok! That's it for now!  I can't believe that Halloween is here! I do hope that the wind dies down, otherwise, I can't hang my decorations out.  They are all lightweights! lol

Everyone have a spooktacular day!


  1. Happy Halloween! I love all the decorations. :)

  2. How horrible about the roof! I hope the damage was held to a minimum.

    What wonderful vintage decorations! I love the old things - they all have such character.

    A Blessed Samhain to you! And Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh no! Poor you! Roof troubles are no fun. I hope it gets sorted with a minimum of trouble and money.

    Love the spooky decorations.

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Those are fantastic decorations! I love the old paper lantern.

    So sorry to hear about your roof - at least you didn't wake up to a puddle in your bed! I do hope it can be fixed quickly and for a reasonable price!

    I hope the wind blows itself out for you! Our windstorms here have subsided finally and it looks like a bit of sun today!

  5. I'm sorry about your roof! We've got the winds here too! Feels like we are going to blow away! Great decorations! Wishing you a very Magical and less windy Happy Halloween! :)

  6. I'm sorry to hear about your leaking roof. Not ever fun to have to deal with such disasters. Your Halloween decorations are the best. I've had such fun visiting your blog. I've added myself as a follower. Love that candle box. Is that something you've recently acquired? If so, can you send me the information on this piece. I'd love to add one to my Halloween decor. Happy Halloween! ~ Sarah

  7. Suzie, so sorry Mother Nature is just not being cool. It has been rainy here as well. Last night was the only night we had some wind as well! I LOVE your collection!! Everything is so unique. Love your votive collection!

    Happy and blessed Samhain!


  8. ooooooh I'm coming to your house!! I looove your treats!! Wowow wonderful decorations hon..the candle box..oh that is darling!!
    Hugs to you and Happy Halloween hon!
    hugs, Sarah

  9. Great decorations! Love your votive collection in particular. Too bad about the roof -- bummer! Samhain blessings to you!

  10. I hope the rest of the day went well for you and it was a happy Halloween!

  11. So sorry to hear about your roof and walls; hope it's a quick repair and clean-up!

  12. I love your vintage Halloween collection.

  13. Oh man, dealing with roof damage is the worst. I'm glad it's seemingly confined to the porch area! Your decorations are awesome--and your grandaughter's present is just precious.


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