Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Halloween!

I'm going to try this again, and hopefully the photos will load correctly.

These are the rest of the ornaments that are on my kitchen cabinet.

A gourd kitty (I had to crop the fabric pumpkin to get the image to be right side up, instead of sideways. .strange)

A papier mache kitty in a felt hat

A papier mache kitty with a JOL on her head. It is supposed to hold a candle, but I most certainly don't want to do that!  And that is a wooden noise maker laying beside her.

Then we have a Prim Witch, and assorted kitties and candy molds.

And on the other end, a couple of pumpkins and a candy jar!

Again, please ignore the crumbling plaster and torn paneling. I will be doing a HUGE happy dance when the walls are all done!  So for now, concentrate on Halloween!! lol  I couldn't up on anything tall enough to shoot these straight on, and wasn't going to haul the tall ladder back in. I apologize for the angle.
These pieces are on top of my very tall hutch.

And these are on top of a bookcase!

Some fabric pumpkins, a metal crow, and a wax one on top of a curio cabinet.

And the table that is nestled underneath the stairway.

I'm still having some problems with the layout of the photos. Halloween gremlins must still be at work!

Tomorrow, I'll try and show you my enclosed front porch, and then on Halloween IF it doesn't rain, what I put outdoors. I have to wait until the last minute, because most of them are paper lanterns that don't like to get wet!

More rain and thunderstorms tonight, but at least we haven't had snow. .yet!

Everyone stay warm, stay dry, and stay healthy! I want you to all to be able to enjoy All Hallows Eve!


  1. Love all your Halloween decorations...they're spooktacular!!!

  2. wow...I have never seen such an awesome colletion of Halloween goodies!!! It IS your favorite season!! Thanks for the compliment on my blog also!~ Faye

  3. You have a terrific collection of Halloween decorations! Your pictures are great! I see nothing wrong with your walls, who would notice them with all of the terrific decor?


  4. Your place is like a Halloween wonderland!

  5. Wow - incredible displays! What wonderful things you have!

  6. I'm so enjoying my visit to your blog. I adore vintage Halloween things, well, I adore most Halloween things. I especially like the whimsical things, rather than the scary ones. I think I had gremlins working on my blog as well. I had my photos and text all ready, then as I was moving a photo I lost it all. I finally gave up and just posted a Smilebox with a few photos. Guess I'll save my Halloween decorations for next year. LOL So I really loved seeing yours here and above.~ Sarah


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